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  • Firefox has killed another valuable extension. It will be missed.

    Alternative?= https://www.blogsolute.com/backup-restore-firefox-browser-completely/18147/

    Firefox Backup Tool. Works on 52.9esr
  • Me encantaria que se pudiera utilizar este complemente con todas las actualizaciones que van saliendo de Mozilla Firefox
  • Realy like this add-on :) if there's a new version, please make it compattible with "Firefox ESR" 52.xx
    this is a "safe" version of firefox and doesn't change that much...

  • devo provarla
  • i used febe alot
    but thanks to ff its not compatible now

    thank you febe for the time that i used this
    i hope in future we will see you again
  • Until FEBE was "killed" by FF developer's choices.. it has been really between my preferred and most-used addons! That is really a pity!
    So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish (citation from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy")
  • Presque indispensable, mais ne fonctionne plus avec FF Quantum. N'a pas d'équivalent.
    J'abandonne Firefox !
    Cette extension fonctionne avec Palemoon, Basilisk, Waterfox et Cyberfox.
  • please insert a new of version Add-Ons (FEBE)
  • Should this extension work with the ESR-versions of Mozilla Firefox?
    Yes, but only on ESRs that still support XUL (v52.8.0 and below).
  • Greatest Firefox extension of all time, as far as I'm concerned. I keep a Febe backup of my Firefox settings on a USB stick on my keychain. I need a URL, or an extension, or restore my entire profile to the PC I'm on at that moment? Sure! Just takes a few minutes. It's much more secure than uploading everything to the cloud like Chrome does.

    Because the new Firefox broke Febe, I keep a copy of the Firefox v56 installer on the keychain now as well. :D
  • firefox57.0.4 FEBE can not work now, when can support it?
  • Thanks Chuck. I have used your work a long time and it has been very helpful. I do not understand development, but your work is part of the mozilla community, many of us use it and should think about it. Thanks, again
  • Used to be a really frequently used extension of mine. Changes happen every day to a browser, and it's good to keep backups updated regularly. Yeah, i got on board with using an updated browser. Going to keep on hoping this or some other kind of backup addon will come along.
  • FEBE (v10.2) works really well now with Pale Moon in conjunction with the Profile Manager

    Many thanks Chuck for all the years of your support
    i am most pleased to be able now to continue my use of this excellent extension
  • mi experencia es muy buena y es una extension muy importante
  • I'll miss FEBE in Firefox, but it lives on in my other browser of choice, Pale Moon!
    Thank you Mr. Baker for many years of a truly useful backup extension and, hopefully, many more with Pale Moon!
  • It was a great addon. Really sad, that it's not possible to port it to Firefox Quantum. Maybe make a separate application?
  • new Firefox = FEBE's death
    So why give it only one star? You are supposed to be rating FEBE, not Firefox.
  • A Genius Tool.
    What a pity it's not working anymore with FF 57+

    Any chance to come back on this ?
  • Excellent add-on and I will miss it. I had no idea it would be crippled until installing the latest Windows Patch and losing all my bookmarks and settings. At that point I find out there is no way to recover my back up files. For those of us caught out by this how do I get an old version of Firefox so FEBE will work and I can recover my bookmarks etc?? Many thanks, good luck for future projects.
    See this thread in my support forum:


    It explains how to get older Fx versions that FEBE can restore into. (The post is about another of my extensions, but the steps to install an older Firefox still apply.)
  • It was one of my favorite addons. These were good years together.
    Thanks to developers and good luck in their another projects
  • Thank you very much and i will miss you
  • it was great 11 years , many thx for all your hard work , u will be missed :(
  • Быстрое восстановление настроек FF после краха системы или на новом компьютере. Быстрее сделайте его совместимым с FF Quantum!!!!
  • es la mejor app para firefox lastima que ya no funcione mas???????.