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My security software is warning me of a tracking cookie titled Real, which is emitted by FEBE every morning. Do not use this extension if you carte about your privacy.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (5.0). 

Many "reviewers" are either ignoring or failing to read the long description on the front page.

*** FEBE 6.0 for FX3 IS AVAILABLE AT ***

It is still in beta (testing) phase, but most things work. Instead of posting negative "reviews" complaining that FEBE is not available for Fx3 (when it is), it would be more productive to install and help test the pending version.

I will not release FEBE 6.0 to AMO until it thoroughly completes beta testing. The more testers I have, the quicker it will get released. I have an active support forum where users report bugs and offer suggestions:

Note: I hate it when a developer posts a review for his own extension. It is patronizing and unprofessional. Unfortunately, I feel I have little choice in this circumstance. Apparently, this is the only venue I have to inform some users of available upgrades (if they read this at all). I cannot post here without supplying a rating.