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This is great, I just found a bug with it though. I tested every extension that I have, I thought it was firefox itself at first, but I can now confirm it does this ONLY when I have f.b. purity enabled. When I close some tabs really fast one after the other, sometimes it'll bug out firefox and cause one or two tabs to stay behind permanently even though I pressed, cmd-w... this is on osx snow leopard by the way, not sure if the same thing happens in windows. But it's weird.Also, I'm curious as to why mozilla wants you to re-write a chuck of code to upload the latest version? What's wrong with that code? Thanks.

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I cant test on a Mac, as i dont have access to one, but ive not heard any other reports of that behaviour as of yet, it could be caused by a clash with another extension or extensions, so not necessarily an FBP issue per se.As to why mozilla want me to rewrite the extension, its because the extension uses "DOM Mutation Events" to detect when things change on the Facebook page. This method works absolutely fine, but they have decided to "Deprecate" this API. And even though they have no plans to drop it completely as of now, they are still forcing developers to rewrite their code to use the new "DOM MutationObserver" API otherwise they wont allow their extensions on the mozilla addons site.

**Update** BTW i recently found that the Greasemonkey Script compiler that i used to create this add-on can cause side effect issues with other extensions. You should try installing the Greasemonkey script version of FBP instead, and see if this issue goes away for you. I think that should fix it. The GM script version is functionally identical to the add-on version.