Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Very impressed with this, it works a treat... scans and fixes my 4000+ bookmarks in a very short time.

The inclusion of a pause button also shows that some proper thought and consideration has gone into this add-on.

Lastly, it also doubles very usefully as a way to check for dead links in one's bookmark collection ,which combined with the Errorzilla add-on has today helped me to sort out quite a few dead-ends in my folders :-)

Great stuff, thank you very much to the developers!

Actually though ... if I could have one wish it would be for an option to replace all missing favicons with a global one of my own choice instead of the rather bland default Firefox one. But that's just being picky, five stars isn't enough for this particular add-on.

W7, Firefox 23 Portable.