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A very good addon and an excellent replacement to the now-unsupported "web search pro" extension. Author responds to emails quickly and seems that he cares for the suggestions if there is enough demand from users. I emailed him and told my suggestions. Here again:

1. A group search from smart searchbox with group icons can be supported. The icons can be custom or the author can make some icons with word or number identifications added on them with graphics.
2. The smart searchbox settings can be done in a visual way.
3. If there is an option to have the smart searchbox appear in forms or textboxes where we write text that would be fine.
4. This problem of having the addon disabled randomly bugs a lot. Why does it happen? As a novice I may think that this can be because the addon has the capability enabled-disabled without the need of restart? Only a novice thought.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (2.31.1-signed). 

Thanks for the review! Comment on your points (partly as per our email exchange):
1. This requires adding search engine category management UI to allow favicon management. Indeed as long as categories have their own icons, I see no problem supporting them in Smart Searchbox.
2. I haven't thought of a way of doing it that helps much but wouldn't be relatively time consuming to implement. The slightly tricky part is that FS recalculates layout of SSB based on the # of engines user inputs.
3. That will come. I was thinking about using a hotkey/modifier key to allow that.
4. This happened when FS was packed with older Addon SDK before (and I suspect it's because FS uses XPCOM extensively, which is not officially supported by Addon SDK in many cases, and that might have resulted in some issues). A few times I myself from find the need to disable/enable FS, and in worst case reinstall FS to make it work. And restored session failed to load FS in older versions. But I haven't seen any of such issues for quite a while, since maybe FF17 and newer FS. Are you using the latest FS in the latest FF?