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Great but when I upgrade to FF 28 I can no longer find the options ICON for FS 3.31. Tried removing and reinstalling to no avail.

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I just use it for the search box toggle hotkey [easier than manually clicking on FF's idiot placement [try to click lower right corner Search button and you often trigger Windows taskbar instead!!].
The rest of it? I'm sure it's very powerful but what a mess. I can't find Options, as i can't find its icon.
I wanted to try Shoppers Assistant but again, can't find options so...

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"Fastest Search" is an accurate description of this extension. Extremely useful and user friendly. I would recommend it to every Firefox user.

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[Exception... "The expression cannot be converted to return the specified type." code: "0" nsresult: "0x805b0034 (TypeError)" location: "<unknown>"]

everytime ,i see this warning, i can't use this add on

Hmm, never seen that and can't tell much at all from the error message. Can you let me know your OS, FF version (or if you're using Palemoon). Would you also please disable all other addons and then try FS again and see if it works? If it does, then enable other addons one by one and you'd find which addon is conflicting with FS.

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Well done, Mr. Liu. Fastest Search does so much in the most elegant way. New users might be confused or even annoyed by the SearchBox (which can be disabled), but they'll soon discover its power.
Two requests: an option to disable the dragging trail line, and an option to open new tabs (with dragging) next to the newest tab, not the currently active. If I create a new tab and then another one, I'd want all new tabs to the (far) right and not in between.

Thanks for your amazing extension, everyone should get it.

Thanks for the glowing review! I wholeheartedly agree that everyone should give SSB a chance as they can all benefit from it (despite that like you said, some do not like it at first).

For the requests - they're reasonable, but low priority on my list. I would like to see more such requests before I implement them - it's mainly because I really have too many things at hand right now...

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I thought the new tabs usually opened on right side in earlier versions (didn't they?) and then recently it changed, thats why I was confused.

About MC: its listed 8 times in my search engines, screenshot oi58.tinypic.com/314c9ad.jpg
After I delete it, it appears again after I close and open the search engines window one more time.

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I'll provide an option to open tab on right again, despite that I'm convinced that opening on left is better.

I don't know how that 8-time MC issue showed up. I might need you to email me to reproduce error or test fix. Pls email using the addon page's "Support E-mail" link.

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Another great search add-on!

Merci, Thank you, Vielen Dank, Gracias ! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Je viens de découvrir cette magnifique extension hier;
je peux déjà dire que j'apprécie 2 choses: 1) la Smart Search Box, vraiment très paramétrable, et hyper-facile d'accès par popup2) la fonction de filtre par Ctrl-Shift-F ( ou Ctrl-F pour les inconditionnels !), qui permet, notamment, de filtrer dans un énorme fichier log ( visites de sites, etc...)
M. Mingyi Liu est un super développeur, des extensions comme celle-ci, j'en veux tous les jours ! ... Merci.
PS: une suggestion pour améliorer la fonction filtre des fichiers logs, qui se terminent par .txt (ou .log ?): ne pas afficher les x caractères (x est un paramètre) avant la chaine recherchée, mais uniquement les caractères précédents jusqu'au caractère "nouvelle ligne" ou la séquence "CR+LF"...plus facile à demander... qu'à faire !Christophe http://ressources.fr.cr

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Thanks for your kind review! I used SSB to translate and understand it. :)

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I have no recollection of installing this add-on to my PC. However it got there, I love it!

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Someone must've installed it for you then. Glad that you like it!


By Far the most comprehensive extension I have found. It will replace many addons I have now and will DEFINITELY IMPROVE THE SPEED and specificity of my searches. Thank you Mr. Liu. YOU, Mingyi, are the REAL DEAL. I support and salute you!

*****Additional thoughts:
"UGLY..." Reviewer: TAKE NOTE, IF YOU WILL, of the following "Note to Developer"...

BTW, I wrote this before I read Mr. Liu's response to your "ugly..." review.

Note to Developer:

Mingyi, the intricate thought patterns, logic, and scale of sophistication you incorporated into "Fastest Search" as well as your ability to pack SO MANY PRECISION tools into ONE Add-on, is a clear demonstration that you are superior in your field. (As Spock might say: "...He clearly possesses a superior intellect.")

You even built your on tools!!?? MAN!


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Thanks for your enthusiastic review! Such appreciation makes me feel all my efforts was worth it.

UPDATE: Thanks for standing up for me too! :) I appreciate your taking the time and effort to defend FS, which can truly be appreciated the more one uses it. At least that reviewer did mention that FS has many many features. And after seeing my reply and your post, he removed his review (perhaps agreeing to our points?). Regardless appreciate both actions from you and the reviewer!

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Does what it say. Good Extension

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v3.05 - Now text search panel (or find panel) always opens at bottom right, a bit less intrusive than before - sorry if you don't like it at first!

I have two monitors, on the first screen (left) maximized firefox when I open text search panel, it shows at bottom left on second monitor, but I expect it at bottom right first monitor.

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Back from vacation and confirmed this. As I suggested earlier, however, that this is an Addon SDK issue that's beyond my control. I just filed a bug report (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=955918), hopefully this gets fixed.

On the other hand though, I actually find the Find Panel opening on another screen a nice thing as it's not covering any document content at all.

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Can you please provide an option to NOT reload tabs, or make the "have you restarted firefox, do you want to reload tabs" dialog box optional.If you have a large number of tabs open, and some are not reloaded, Fastest search's default action (if you press ctl-shift F then type the search string then press enter twice) is to reload all tabs.This is NOT what I want to do by default.Can you please provide this option.

Edited: Thank you for considering this. Perhaps have a checkbox for "reload tabs" at the bottom of the FS search box.

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I can provide such an option - but it'd take a bit time as I need to do other features first.

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seems pretty cool

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Just one word, WOW! perfect work! No wonder why this has one of the best ratings. (i checked 3.25 version, 3.0 didn't work well with FF 25.1)

Because there are always ideas for something more, i would like to share my thoughts for some extra functionality:
I would like to have the option in autosuggestion to open all engines from a category instead of the best ranked. For example for translation, google is not always very accurate, but from results from some other translation engine or maybe by combining both of them it gets easier to understand the meaning.

And some suggestions to improve the experience for people like me who work mostly with keyboard:
- The popup window with the results from the tab or for all the tabs is similar to preview window, can you add the option to close them with Esc like for the preview window?
- Also for preview window, with left/right arrows (or with alt+arrows) the ability to move between tabs (in case with multitab results from category), with enter (or alt+enter) to open the focused tab in the main window (instead of double clicking it)
- Similar to the one above, with the result window for finding words, with up/down arrows to move between results and with enter going to the place of the specific word (instead of mouse clicking for it)
- Maybe a key to change focus between those windows and the main window
- Also one addition to smart search box, a key combination (maybe ctrl+enter) instead of right clicking to open results in the alternative window target (preview/main)

One last suggestion only if it is easily implemented:
It would be nice to be able to choose for each engine which html elements to display in the preview window (for example in the google translate to display only the text box with the results instead of the whole page - searchbastard addon had a similar feature)

Once more, great work with this one, thank you for sharing it with us.

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Thanks for your suggestions! I'm replying to them below:

1. What do you mean by "autosuggestion"? The suggest panel that opens when you type sth. like "g keyword" in location bar? Or Smart Searchbox? In both cases, I think the way/workaround is to type the category name like "Translation keyword" and then choose anything from the suggest panel or click SSB icon. Or use "g,y keyword" to launch two engines ("g,y" works in SSB too).
2-3. Both should be doable, but it's a low priority for now.
4. Result window - that's likely not doable due to focus shifts necessary to show proper highlighting of results on page.
5. Change focus - I'll think about it as this is a way to get around the issue in #4 above.
6. SSB opens preview - it's already available. Press "Shift-Enter" or shift-click.
7. Only show chosen HTML elements in preview - sorry I don't have plans to do that.

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Great job!

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Thanks! BTW I used Fastest Search to find out the translation for "素晴らしい!" :)

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The new smart cut is very good , but smart paste is causing me trouble ( upon middle clicking any where in the page , if missed a link click then pasting content to top search box , also page scrolling to top) . So what i think is either there should be separate options for Smart Cut , Copy , Paste or Smart paste behavior should be fixed ( only paste when textbox is near ) [ As there is only one checkbox for all 3 i disabled all 3 ]

Feature request : I use "Find as you type" if i use backspace its deleting but I want arrows to be used to edit it [ I know Ctrl +shift +f you can do , but not if FAYT }

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I changed my mind and separated Smart Cut/Copy and Smart Paste into two options in Misc. Settings in v3.25. Just download & install and disable Smart Paste.

Previous reply:
The Smart Paste along doesn't cause you trouble, it's because you have both Smart Paste and Middle click paste enabled. The Smart Paste enables pasting into the top searchbox (or searchbar if no box on page) if user is not pasting into any particular textbox - this behavior is actually useful if you think about it. The Middle click paste was the reason why Smart Paste was even activated when your middle click misses a link. I'm not sure there's a way to make the behavior of the 2 features combined suit every user by default. I honestly think (and users complained) that FS already has too many options so I'm leery to adding another one for this. Sorry.

I thought about implementing caret when I first implemented FAYT but it was technically/conceptually troublesome, so I gave up on it. It doesn't work well when not using textbox, therefore using Find Panel with Ctrl-Shift-F is the only way.

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Great job!

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amazing, thanks! ;)

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