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  • In options it says it requires Container Tabs and says to Disable it even though Container Tabs are actually Enabled. Not sure if this means it no longer works.
  • Excited
  • Tested and legit. Works exactly as advertised.
  • I like this product because I sometimes check my work account on a day off but don't want people to know and expect instant response. Only problem is that as it stands right now, I cannot tell if it is turned off or on?!? I used to be able to tell visually, but now both states look the same. If I can figure how to get it to show the difference again, I'll rate even better.
  • Great addition. Just letting you know it still shows up as LEGACY in the Add-ons manager.
  • How does this work, I don't understand what I have to do. Could someone explain please, TIA
  • Still works with the latest version of Firefox (49.0.2).
    I am using it in combination with the AdBlock filter and it's perfect.
    Keep up the good work guys!
  • Quick question Baris: are you working on making this compatible with e10s or shoudl we be looking for alternatives.
    Good work, btw!

  • Works as expected. It would be great if the facebook icon could be greyed when "disable facebook message seen" is unticked though
  • Trae un botoncito para activar y desactivar la función. No vaya a ser que se enteren que haces trampa.
  • testata
  • Добро е браво. :)
  • works perfectly, thank you !
  • finally privacy, a must
  • It does what it's meant to do and very well.