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Just notifying you, Chris...
I found pages, where this add-on doesn't work (for FF10.0.2 on XP Home SP3):
Please try to translate one of the facebook comments there...
I guess, this failure has something to do with Javascript used for those comments, since other sections of that page can be translated actually.

...and here's the other page:
To reproduce this, go to 'Main Forum', to whatever thread you like, post something (no need to send it) and try to translate something from your posting (I sometimes do this to check if my postings do make sense). Sometimes the translation does work, so you may check it several times in the same posting to see it fail.
Not quite sure about what's going on there.
Oh, and sorry, but you'll have to register there to be able to post, guests cannot post, but maybe, you can check this in another forum as well, where you are registered already.

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Sorry for the very late response Centauri39!
I've just seen your comment.

On the first page (avast) I can't see any comment. I can see only the Facebook Plug-In where some profiles are shown. Probably they have change something on their page.

I've registered right now on the second page (civinfo) and am waiting for the registration to try to post there something.

Thank you for your feedback, even if I saw it very late it is very helpful!