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  • I really like it because its very intuitive and it has side bar that you click to view contents and to collapse it, handy.
    You can choose colors, fonts, size of a font etc.
    Maybe i would change the sidebar clicking area a bit more bigger but not huge maybe sort of a round button or something.
  • simple. functional. beautiful.
  • it can open epub file. most importantly, it opens within firefox browser, which suits my eye as i have set my favourite fonts, background colour etc in the browser. very useful
    please keep on updating
  • An excellent ePub reader. I use it on Linux and the Mac. It is better than the standalone ePub reader apps available on those platforms.
  • Отличное расширение для открытия электронных книг, формата EPUB.
  • Awesome for what it does. I like that you can tag books and manage a library right in Firefox. However, I really wish you could select your own font and background colors (other than the basic ones it gives you to choose from). Being able to add your own background image would also be really cool. (I edited the extension's css just for myself so I could do this, so I know it's possible and would be a pretty easy option to provide, and I'd be content with this except that it keeps getting reset back to the generic whenever I reopen firefox...)
  • Всё хорошо, но не хватает возможности добавлять ссылки на новые каталоги.
  • Please add a feature of changing background, cause it's hard to read with the white one.
  • Been using it for a while now and does what is supposed to do.
    Note: As of FF 50.0.2 needs to be verified in order to be enabled
  • its the reader I use on FF
  • Best for readers
  • Wonderful
  • add indent between paragraphs
  • Works well, has useful, welcome functionalities that work as fine. Nothing more required
  • Habe mir von der Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung innerhalb weniger Minuten und ohne Komplikationene ein umfängliches Archiv von kostenfreien Publikationen angelegt.
    Lesen mit dem epubreader ist sehr komfortabel. Einstellungs-Möglichkeiten sehr gut !!
  • Love it! Works as expected. That simple!
  • *
  • thanks
  • I customized the epub.css and set it to read only so my custom values no longer get modified. It's great.
  • I used it to read a Travel eBook generated by the TravelionX eTours Free Mobile app, and it worked Great!
  • I need two things from an epub reader. Continuous scrolling - which this add-on does very well (just change the settings to web view instead of page view), and highlighting, which this addon does not have at all. Obviously the highlighting feature would only be useful for locally saved epubs, so that the highlights could be preserved, but that's perfectly fine for me.
  • You can have an accurate view of your EPUB file. Also hyperlinks work just perfect!
  • Maybe this could be useful
  • epub ebok is readable nicelly, intext hyperlinks works.

    Im missing possibility to highlight text or write comment to the text easily

    Also i would welcome when i click some hyperlink, it would not only forward me to the proper page, but also highlight the text on that page, so i quickly know where i should start reading.
  • I really like it, the only thing is, I can't control all the text colors. Some of the text in the book I'm reading is dark blue, and i can't change it to a light color that's easier to read on a black background. It would also be nice if there were color pre-sets, like 'low light mode' or other matching color presets.