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  • Me gustaba más la versión antigua. Cuanto te descargabas algún libro se metía directamente alli y con el nombre del libro no con el número que le daban en la página. Los tenías todos juntos con sus títulos y sólo tenías que acceder a ese libro para empezar a leer. Al poner la versión nueva se han ido todos los libros que tenía archivados ahí. No viene numero de pagina no sé si en todos los libros.

    En fin, no he probado mucho porque estaba acostumbrada al otro pero lo poco que he visto, me gusta menos.
  • I am enjoying continued use of this excellent add-on. Hopefully, the Webextensions API will improve to the point where it can be used as before. Thanks to the developer for the hard work getting it to were it is today which was a lot to do after all his previous hard work was rendered inoperable due to Mozilla's poor decisions in implementing only an incomplete/ineffective new extensions API.
  • Good one, but i really wish you put back the UI/UX like v1.5.x. Until then, i give it 2 star only for it past glory :D
  • Phantastisch! Einfach zu installieren. Sofort zu gebrauchen, alles plausibel.
  • I have created an ePub for my students to use which includes embedded video. This add-on would be a tool of last resort as it does not display the background colour in my emphasis boxes which makes it of extremely limited use. Also, there is not 'bookshelf' and users have to load the book into the reader every time which is unsatisfactory. Finally, the settings are hidden at the bottom of the screen and figuring out how to make the ePub display as one column instead of two was too hard.
  • Please add search in book.
  • Useful indeed,thank you.
    One more star when its graphic will be improved :-)
  • Voraussetzung: Browser Firefox! Sollte Internet Explorer, der Hauptbrowser sein, Firefox installieren und unter Einstellung als Hauptbrowser definieren. Den ePup-Reader im Firefox! installieren, er wird oben, rechts angezeigt. Die ePub-Version auf eine wieder findbare Position abspeichern und mit dem Reader starten. IE muss nicht deinstalliert werden! Ich habe noch nie sowas Geiles gesehen! Gut gemacht!
  • The user interface is garbage (for lack of better words). Having an autohide bar along with a separate page for the table of contents. Instead of using a sidebar for showing sections, it displays a separate page, which is incredibly dumb. Michael seems to use this as nothing more than a parser for epubs, and does not give a damn about continued usage or usability. When you launch fullscreen, it doesn't expand either and the content is stuck in a box. The options are garbage. This does not deserve any high ratings from actual users.

    I advise everyone to install calibre instead of putting up with this waste of time garbage addon.
  • Highly recommended, Always working rock.
  • I like it a lot! It just works very well.
  • Cyrillic fonts problem!
  • It's not user-friendly at all. It's awkward to use. Buttons are automatically hidden with ugly big icon that we have no idea what they are unless clicked.

    What's even worst is that we have to select a book EVERY TIME WE WANT TO READ from our files.

    Uninstalled. It's not even useful anymore. There are plenty of other add-ons out there that actually have common sense. This is a really bad design.
  • This is not a bad addon. It reads EPUB files like it says it does. But compared to the old addon, it has some issues caused by the new Firefox security. There is no longer a catalog of books that one has read in the past, so one can go back and continue reading that book. The Epubreader icon is only in the toolbar, and is no longer on the Tools menu of Firefox. I can't find any link to the Github project, I'm not sure it even has a Github project. There is no link in the toolbar icon to take one to the Mozilla addon page, the support page at http://www.epubread.com, or the Github page to enter issues.

    I've read several EPUB books so far with no issues. It just needs a bit more polish as the author had to start over and rewrite this for Firefox 54.

    When I make the Firefox window short and thin, then I can't see the bottom lines of the chapter. But this only happens when the FF window is too small. I'm going to have to use a standalone reader software because I can't find an addon that works with my ebooks.

    EDIT: There are some EPUBs that are made by Pandoc which EPUBreader has a problem with. The problem is EPUBReader does not show the last few lines of the EPUB chapter if the Firefox window is not wide enough. This problem seems to stem from any EPUBs made by Pandoc.
  • It's a shame, first the author kept begging and begging with popup screens for funding his kickstarter (even though it said it would only show once). The kickstarter succeeded, the new version is here. But it's terrible. In every way. The UI is a complete mess, downloading epubs doesn't even work on most browsers, the controls are even worse and try to emulate touchscreen controls on a desktop (WHY??) It's a big disappointment.
  • Cette nouvelle version n'accomplit pas ce qu'offrait l'ancienne version. L'interface est mal pensé et rend la lecture désagréable. Il n'y a plus de catalogue des epubs possibles. Je suis déçue.