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Can't uninstall? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

by Andy_P on January 21, 2012 #

I installed this and it looks like a good replacement for "OpenBook", but one of my other add-ons has stopped working so I tried uninstalling Edit Bookmarks Plus again to check whether it was causing a clash.

But after uninstalling and restarting Firefox, the re-sizable Add Bookmark window is still there.

How do we uninstall your add-on????


Reply by Kashif Iqbal Khan (Developer) on January 21, 2012 #

I suppose that you mean that add bookmark window has larger size even after installing edit bookmark plus. If this is the case, install the addon, again, make the popup appear and re-size it to normal size. Afterwards when you uninstall addon, your window will appear in size that you left it at.

This is an issue in remembering the width and height of popup which will be fixed in later version.

By the way, can you tell me the addon name that conflicted and the issue that you faced? I might fix it if it can be.


Thanks for the swift reply and explanation, I was just concerned that I didn't seem to be uninstalling completely.

The first issue I had was with an old version of my default theme - "Firefox2 the Theme Reloaded" v0.9.9 as the bookmarks tree wouldn't resize. I've updated that now to v2.0 and your add-on works fine with it.

The other issue I'm having is with "Old Location Bar 2.1.6" - where several features don't work in my new FF9 (notably the "Go" arrow and getting rid of the Star) but uninstalling your add-on made no difference to it, so the problem lies elsewhere!

So no problems at your end! Thanks again.

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