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I have two proposals.
1. Currently the shortcut Ctrl+, defines Firefox options and this addon suppresses this anywhere, not only in input field. Fortunately I can redefine another shortcut for Firefox options, but anyway - using so many symbols with Ctrl seriously reduces the number of free shortcuts.
Is it possible to have a button or shortcut (shortcut is better) that will temporary disable this addon?
Actually this addon is necessary only when user wants to write something. So, he can switch this addon ON before writting, and when he finshes writting - to switch it OFF. In this case the user will be free from conflicts.
2. Currently it works on English (latin) keyboard and obviously it isn't aimed to serve all keyboards.
But approach with Ctrl is very attractive and I'm asking - is it possible for other keyboards to have English keyboards when Ctrl is pressed?
I can explain why it is important.
Let say, currently is Russian (Cirillic) keyboard, but I need one letter (symbol), let say "[" that doesn't exist in Russian.
What do I do currently? I switch to English, press "[" and then return to Russian. Only for one letter/symbol I must do such switching.
But if it is possible that during pressing Ctrl will be English keyboard - it will be great.
Thank you.