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Has anyone gotten the tip suggested below by BMan12 to work.

"Also, if you use Tree Style Tab like I do, use the following code in an about:config key to allow dragging a link to create a child tab in the foreground:

if (target == "link") { TreeStyleTabService.readyToOpenChildTab(gBrowser.selectedTab); gBrowser.selectedTab = gBrowser.addTab(url);

and in the background:

if (target == "link") { TreeStyleTabService.readyToOpenChildTab(gBrowser.selectedTab); gBrowser.addTab(url); }"

I'm torn between the two plugins and his tip seems like the ultimate solution. Maybe the developer has some idea on how to get this addon to work such that everytime i drag a link to open a new fg/bg tab it is registered with firefox the same way as if i right click on a link and choose "Open in new tab"?

Any ideas?

Btw this addon rocks!

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