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* The need

1) Do you often need to paste a readable link to a page ?
I do often need to paste into an e-mail / markdown / textile markup document.

2) What if the page title isn't very relevant ? Often, a relevant text for a link is somewhere in the page. Just select it and you should be able to get your link quickly, right ?

* Need satistied !

After reviewing many add-ons with keywords like "copy selection link page" that did not address the issue, I found EasyCopy.

1) Out of the box it allows one-click copy of a link to current page, with page title as link text.

2) It's very easy to configure it for the other case.
Create a new template, name "Selection as HTML link to page", template "<a href="%page_url%">%selection%</a>" and you're done.
Similarly for any wiki syntax.

Plus many other options ready to be combined to your wishes : timestamp option, using it on an existing link, cleaning up the title, prompt for any text, etc.

* Rating

This extension is flexible enough to do all this and more in the future and configures really easily.

No nag, just does what you want.

More useful than many other more-or-less consistent add-ons, e.g. (CopyTitle, Screenshot Pimp).
Options make it a superset of SaveSel and nearly cover stf.

Different focus than Copy ShortURL.

Will probably go into my short list of core add-ons.

Required a Firefox restart but we can live with that.

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