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Thanks for adding this feature.

Could you add 2 options, they could be checkboxes defaulted off for backwards-compatibility to current add-on, accessible from the Add-Ons Options button:

- "Duplicate 'back-button' history" of tab to new Window, so new Window could be navigated backwards to prior URLs
- Duplicate entire window to new window meaning window with 5 tabs when type Ctrl-N creates new window with 5 tabs

- If both checkmarks are true then for example all 5 tabs in new dupe window would have each original tabs 'back-button' history

Thanks so much for what you have already done with the add-on!

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Thanks for the feedback!

For the "Duplicate 'back-button' history you could give a try to the preliminarly reviewed Version 3:

For the other one I will open an issue for it, soon.