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I'm so terribly sorry. I've made you lose some precious time, and thanks for having spent it reading me twice !
Grammar or spelling? English is not my mother-tong, I try to do my best, I auto-check spelling with built-in dictionary, yet grammar remains far less formal, indeed.
World : please forgive me !
Besides that, happy to read you subscribe to the idea this add-on does make sens, which was the point, before the grammar ! I'm sure you have enough education to understand that.

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Dave, if I was the author of this add-on, I'd be delighted to read your comment, assuming it would suppose you are already using DuckDuckGo as your default search engine here with Firefox.
Indeed, if DuckDuckGo is the default search engine, this add-on is less pertinent, even if IMO it still is useful, with direct access to major !Bangs, with instant first definition when applicable of a highlighted word with the right-click menu.
If DuckDuckGo is not the default search engine, then this add-on develops its full potential, by adding to above mentioned display of DuckDuckGo's 0-click box on Google and Bing search results page, along with link to DuckDuckGo's own full result page.
I see nothing but sense.

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Brilliant! I think that it is in the human nature to abandon oneself to habits, and when one accepts to let himself pulled kindly by the hand to see elsewhere, well, that elsewhere is sometimes worth the try. This blabla to point out that this add-on is an invitation to think in terms of search engine slightly above one's habits, name it Google, Bing ...
The add-on is well thought and carried out accordingly. No forceps, it's my liberty, it's even the liberty to stick on another search engine and have, if I wish so (it's an option) have DDGo sort of wink at me that: hey! how about our answers to your query?!
This is both smart and kind, if you know what I mean :)
Just one little wish : when I search DDGo from within its search box, having last search memorized/erasable would be IMO an advantage. I may e.g. search first through DDGo basic, then wish to search again via a given bang : at this time I have to re-type the query ...
A very nice add-on which breathes freedom and smartness :)

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