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  • Doesnt work. Tried on facebook. Just use a webpage to download videos.. these extensions never work anyway!
  • Very good, so far. I even had to make an account just to leave a review!! (gonna delete me soon, lot o' effort to leave a review. Sooo...THIS MUST BE A PRETTY GREAT APP!) Super easy & does what it claims. THANK YOU!
  • Just Left VideoDowlnloadHelper for trying to charge for the most used format. I am loving this BUT way too many permissions. The check for this is that you can "Disable" under "Add-ons" in Firefox until you need it. The key of course remembering you have it to "Enable." Thank you developers.
  • Asks too much permissions. Not gonna install.
  • Isn't working for youtube videos for me as of 12/22 - getting "no flash or video files here".
    Thank you for reporting an issue.

    The new version fixes it -

    Enjoy and maybe adjust the review to 5 stars :)

    Download Video and Flash