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  • Just Left VideoDowlnloadHelper for trying to charge for the most used format. I am loving this BUT way too many permissions. The check for this is that you can "Disable" under "Add-ons" in Firefox until you need it. The key of course remembering you have it to "Enable." Thank you developers.
  • Asks too much permissions. Not gonna install.
  • EDIT: Now fixed. Brilliant, Thank You! Now rated 5 Stars. (I wanted to post a new review but for some reason I now can't find the link to do so. Where did it go?)

    I really like this add-on as it mosty works perfectly. I also appreciate how quickly the developer updates it when things do go wrong.
    One issue that I am noticing right now is that on YouTube the availability of a download is a bit hit and miss, I would say roughly only about 70% of videos I try are available. Just a few minutes ago I was able to download 1 video from a channel but a 2nd from the same poster was no-go.
    I sometimes find going back to a video sometime later will work but mostly not.
    Clearing cache/cookies, re-starting browser, etc. makes no difference.
    Would hope to see this fixed or at least learn what the issue is.
    Thank you for the nice review and for reporting an issue.

    The new version fixes it -

    Enjoy and please consider adjusting the review to 5 stars :)

    Download Video and Flash
  • Isn't working for youtube videos for me as of 12/22 - getting "no flash or video files here".
    Thank you for reporting an issue.

    The new version fixes it -

    Enjoy and maybe adjust the review to 5 stars :)

    Download Video and Flash
  • Downloaded Facebook videos have no sound.
  • Usually a great add-on, but it can't see all YouTube videos. For instance not this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToXNDnBUa5A
    It's also a bit worrying that it want permission to access and modify almost everything.

    Addition Jan 1, 2020: I will give your app one more star because I believe you when you say you have fixed the problem. But I installed the other add-on "Download Video & Flash", so I haven't tested your new version... ;-)

    Please check it out again.

    The new version should fix it -

    Enjoy and please consider adding a couple of stars to make it a 5 stars review ;)

    Download Video and Flash
  • This is the only extension that I could find that downloads Dailymotion and works well, so 5 stars.

    The current version has one quirk - at least in Windows 7 you need to untick 'hide extensions for known file types' in Folders & Search Option - View, then when you select a video to download with the extension, before you click save, delete the long string of figures and symbols after .MP4 or the saved video will not play.
    Thanks for reporting an issue.
    Everything is working again.
    Make sure to update to version

    Thank you