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Correction : after new tests, i think that the problem comes from "DownloadHelper" (used for videos).

When i unactive it, all is fine but when i reactive it and try a video download with "DownloadHelper" the problems appear...Before Firefox v19.0, it worked perfectly... :/

Reported too to "DownloadHelper" page :

Bug with Firefox v19.0 (french) Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

I'm an old user of this very useful extension but since Firefox 19.0 (beta then final), there are some problems of compatibility. :/ A little chance of an update soon ? :)

Erm, Rating ? 5* before and 0* for the moment ;)

So, the Statusbar doesn't appear when i record a movie from Youtube or Dailymotion. And with other downloads it's not really better because the statusbar appears and disappears or got the place of an other/old/finished download. Etc.