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Even though this was one awesome addon to FF please understand that this add on is DEAD.
It will never be adapted to latest FF. SHAME.
STOP asking for updates.

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I have to upgrade my previous review. As I stated before, this is one of the best add ons for Firefox but previous review was negative due to constant Nag screen. If you download a lot it really helps seeing what are you doing.
Nag screen (donate, donate) has stopped appearing! This ad on is back to all my PCs.

4 stars due to lack of support from the developer. Not one of my e-mail was answered. I suggested option to control line spacing between lines so you can have them tighter - no answer. I figured out myself; you have to go into prefs.js and search for >user_pref("< and play with the numbers there.

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This used to be GREAT add-on used by many, many dedicated Firefox users.

To the author: if you do not remove nag screen (begging for money - how can you be so cheap, Firefox is all about free and not getting rich overnight) you will loose all loyal and future customers. No hacker will waste his/her time to patch your code. This is JUST add-on people can live without.
Some other add-ons do suggest that donation is appreciated but not one (at least which I use) is intrusive like yours. SHAME ON YOU!

Currently I am removing it completely. When you change your attitude and fix the code I will put it back. Enjoy your life… alone.

Changing speed colors issue Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Great ad-on. Does exactly what Firefox should have by default.

The only issue I have so far:
- if you change speed colors while downloading and have bar height set to your own size, download bar reverts to some squishy default instead of just replacing speed colors.

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