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I've tried to find a way of contacting the developer, but have had no luck.

It'd be great to get optiosn to :
1) set minimum item width
2) show only x most recent downloads
This way when downloading lots of things, after x downloads, the items fall off the download bar, instead of wrapping, so prevent the toolbar growing in size using up all the screen.

Otherwise this addon is incredible, and far prefer it to the horrible new download panel thing Mozilla are doing.

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I've known of this addon for years, but never tried it as I like the download manager and didn't want to replace it with cluttering download bars taking up all the screen space.

However, I had no idea how customizable it was. Firstly it doesn't interfere with the download manager if you don't want it to. Also it automatically clears the screen of download blocks for jpgs, png and gif to keep the screen clear for the more important files you haven't had a chance to use before the download. I also added .torrent to the auto-clear filetypes as I put them into a watch folder.

The ui was a big lackluster for me, but I changed the progress bars to lime green, and with the gradient they look great.

There is a bug however, the download bar hides the url tooltip hover link. So when hovering over a link, or clicking a link, the tooltip is underneath the download bar and so you cannot see the address. This is annoying and also potentially a security risk. You must clear the downloads before hovering/clicking links to see the tooltip.