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  • Download Statusbar is always not compatible with Firefox 2.9. :(
  • "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox".
  • This addon used to be extremely useful. But it doesn't work with latest version of Firefox.
  • Thank you Devon Jensen for bringing this addon to us. I believe it's time to move on to other substitutions now, although, I will still miss it a lot.
  • RIP
  • RIP
  • Best add-on is die? WTF??
  • NOOOOOOOOOO, shame it stopped working, it was really cool addon :<
  • Would love to see an update of this extension. I'm kinda of lost without it. Please try to update ... Thank You.
  • not working?
  • Finally with Firefox 26+ Download StatusBar couldn't keep up with Mozillas updates and faded away.
    Last update of DSB from 2011 is old and weak and does it's last job in Ff 25 - with higher Firefoxes it works in no way.
    I'm sure that there is no more update to be expectable as the owner of DSB has changed in 2011 from Devon Jensen to C.J. who obviously just adopted this (his only) add-on - and as a side note, does not one solely review about other add-ons!
    It's too bad about a formerly well made (by Devon Jensen) and valuable add-on.

    When I read "Download Statusbar 2 is in development and will be made available soon" I really tried to push myself to trust in a new version coming.
    But... 3 years no more update since the former add-on owner has been leaved, except the attempt with an unfortunate "sponsorship mechanism"-version! It's very hard to believe in a new version coming, and well, I've hoped 2013 brings a new DSB to us ... NOTHING !!

    What a SHAME !
  • Please update to be compatible with the latest version of FireFox. There is a substitute, but it's just not the same. :(
  • not working in FF version 27 :(
  • my favorite addon is dead atm ((
  • когда выйдет обнова ля данного дополнения((((((
  • It's a shame this doesn't work anymore. I'm not going to down rate it due to incompatibility though. This addon has been useful to me for many many versions since I found it. Thanks to the author for making it and hopefully they will update it soon. =)
  • Totally DEAD

    NOT FF 26 compatible.
    It was good, but author has abandoned it some years ago.
  • DL Statusbar still works with Fifo 25!..
  • Thanks for all your work on this, it's a great little add-on. Unfortunately not working with FF 26 so looking forward to the next version.
  • Does not work anymore with FF26. No time to fix the bug but enough to delete the previous comment.
  • Not updated for long time. Have to find something else.
  • hasn't been updated in 2 and a half years!
  • Please fix this. I tried the alternative but still remember this addon.
  • Once it was a 5 star but since its been broken for a long time i cant give it more then 1 start.