Seems stop working, after updating from Firefox 19 to 20! Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

After updating from Firefox 19 to Firefox 20, this add-on doesn't work anymore on my computer, before that, I didn't had any issue, now, in "Full Mode", it doesn't show any download work/action, doesn't show nothing, and even in "Mini Mode", despite it's possible to view the add-on icon on Firefox statusbar, on doing a download and after that, it doesn't show any kind of information, most probably, the new Download Manager introduced on Firefox 20, breaks compatibility with old download process, affecting this add-on, which is still a "must have", despite the changes on the new Download Manager, which does not address what this add-on used to do!

If anyone has the same issue or knows what's wrong or if there's a replacement or a new version, please inform, thanks in advance!