Improvtion goes to wrong direxion Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

1) Since several versions, still no scrolling. Neither vertical, in the mini state, nor horizontal in full state. "Full" shows only first 30 downloads, "miny" only last 40. If you download more than that in 1 sitting, have to open the Firefawks's big window....
2) Still can't launch a single downloading, and others wait. All go at once. Some yoyutbe loaders allow that, but the most general addon – no.
3) Please, if author sees it, let rename the files being downloaded. Sometimes waiting an hour to correct the title is too long, and it shouldn't be a trouble technically. Also renaming the files' *extensions* would be useful too. Moreover because they automatically get misnamed sometimes, or contain misdots.
4) Instead of only having «open» there definitely has to be menu – other actions of OS for that type of file. Especially – properties.
5) It erases "from the system" outside the recycler, bear in mind. (and should only by holding Shift, then)
4) The "copy name to clipboard" would also very much improve this thing.
4) Would bettern to erase part of history (by holding mouse) – not only all or 1 by 1.
4) No opening partially finished files. And that is viable sometimes.
5) The font may go outside of the file's rectangle, if you increase your fonts in Windows to 12.
6) The huge popup sheet of the download is irritating, when the load had ended. A single press, or even from-popup-menu would be better.
7) A single press for halting the load is too close. Accidental haltings. From-popup is better.
7) Still, i don't get the feeling that this addon solves the "broken – resumed" problem, like Flashget and programs specially ment for it. Still in FF 18, if a file drops out, i fear it will have to reload fully. It happens too ofn. Maybe it's just the newer, harder protocols....

Otherwise it's 1 of the usefullest and uniq subprograms for Firefawkes. It can make practically forget about the standard uncanny window.

The turnaround arrow running file is very informative. Thus if the file doesn't show up, you know addon works, and it's your presetup program that's faulty.

Recently the miny-mode was corrected to not go black after 379 downloads.