Too large Sin puntuar aún

Hey, why it is so huge? 600k+ for what?
I still use it because there is almost no alternatives, but...

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento ( 

Why it is large -

There were major changes to firefox's download system for Firefox 3 and these required significant changes to the Download Statusbar extension.

As such, the current install file, version contains two complete versions of Download Statusbar. One that works with Firefox 2 and one that works with Firefox 3. This is necessary, because unfortunately, does not provide the ability to serve different versions of the extension to different versions of Firefox.

Also, each of these separate versions that are bundled into has their own language pack containing ~25 languages. Each language includes a rather large help file.

The version to use and language file is selected at run time, so not everything is loaded and using up memory. This is a temporary situation -