Useless to me Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

I tried out three similar add-ons like this and here’s what I thought of them:

“Download Sort”: This is the worst one — completely useless to me as it only saves based on file type. So if you save JPEGs from several different sites, they all end up in the same folder. (It is also buggy.) This add-on would only be useful to a person who has all their images in one folder and all their music in one folder, etc. For someone like me with a very well-organized PC with millions of files spanning several hard drives, it is a complete joke.

“Fav Loc”: Another useless add-on as it doesn't bring up the Save As dialog box, meaning you can’t choose or create sub-folders. It’s not quite as worthless as “Download Sort”, but really the only people who would (or could) use this are people who save everything they download into a small number of folders, without any sub-folders or organisation. Again, pretty pointless to most people.

“Save Link In Folder”: OK, this is the only useful one of the three. It has the most options by far, and is the only one that allows the Save As dialogue box (so you can choose and create sub-folders). Having said that, it’s is far from perfect. The worst thing is that it doesn’t remember the last place you saved to, so every time you save a file you have to keep navigating back to where you were (this is the reason I don’t use this add-on). You also have to install two different add-ons to get it working (one for images and one for non-images).

So, in summary, of the three add-ons I tried, “Save Link In Folder” is the only serious contender, and even that is fatally flawed. So I don’t use any of them!