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I am one disconnect.
I know that the two together will conflict :)
I checked the sites with Ghostery and then to yours.
You addon have some site of the tracks are not blocked.

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Suggestions list?

Maybe that's because you're using DNTMe on a site where our suggestions list doesn't block everything by default. We've developed a list of suggestions to get the maximum privacy protection without breaking the web experience. On some sites, blocking tracking interferes with a major functionality of the site (like preventing videos from playing on ESPN). Our suggestions list represents the balance between using the web without anything breaking and blocking the most tracking possible. For the vast majority of our users, they prefer a non-broken web experience, which is why we ship DNTMe with our suggestions on by default.

However, in your case, you'd probably prefer to just block everything, and that's easy, too. Just click on the DNTMe icon to open it, click on the gear icon on the top right of DNTMe, and uncheck the box next to "Use Abine Suggestions." While you're on that page, make sure that you've switched on "blocking all tracking companies everywhere," so the switch is green.

Another difference between Ghostery and DNTMe: Ghostery doesn't block any tracking by default, whereas DNTMe blocks everything on our suggestions list.

Lastly, Ghostery and DNTMe simply have different block lists. It's possible that theirs is longer than ours. As tracker-blockers, we both have to decide what constitutes a tracker and what to add to our block list, and there won't be complete over lap on those decisions.


-The Abine Team