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I might give this add-on a go. I have to do some more research on it before I would be comfortable allowing it access to my passwords, but overall it looks very promising.

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Only problem i have is i am waiting for a refund on my mask card and it has been about week.

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I tried this addon out and I was pleasantly surprised. It makes logging in and registering on websites super easy and make your credentials far more secure. If you are looking for a lightweight addon that is easy to use for your passwords then you need to get this.

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I tried this add-on this morning, and so far it works great! I'm so sick of websites requiring more and more difficult passwords, and while I realize it's a security issue, it doesn't do me any good when I'M the one that gets locked out. The Blur add-on does all the work for me, and it's making my internet browsing so much less stressful. I would definitely recommend this add-on to anyone that has multiple passwords to remember, is tired of being logged out of websites automatically, or is just concerned about internet safety and security.

Not good, not nice, and not something to be recommended for anything sensitive Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

Appeared to be an excellent proposition as DoNotTrackMe, but creeping commercialisation appears to be taking its toll in terms of bloat.

Worse, BLUR recently force set a 'passphrase', and in doing so, somehow did away with two thirds of my masked emails. They are no longer in my account.

Worse, I have now just noticed that Blur is holding onto the CONTENT of the emails sent through the masked email facility.

Not nice.

Perhaps counterintuitive, but I would not recommend Blur for anything in the least bit sensitive.

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Originally, when this application was a simple tracker blocker, it worked great and was non-intrusive. However, after it changed to the whole email thing, it got much more annoying. Now, it's downright terrible. I will not sign up for a add-on that's SUPPOSED to stop people from tracking me. No. End of story. I'm switching back to Ghostery, good day!

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It was good when it was 'Donottrackme'. Since the name change, it has sucked. It always pops up a giant window whenever you are filling any form and you can not even turn it off forever. Its so annoying and frustrating that even ads are better than this crap. On top of all this, it does not even work, websites still track u which u can check by disabling adblock for a while. You will see ads related to what you were searching on Google. Dont waste time with this shit

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I LOVE THIS APP!! I've been using this since it was MaskMe & DNTMe and I would be so lost without it. When it was MaskMe I had all my pw's saved in there and it was just so much easier to log into those sites than having to remember a zillion different pw's or just using the same one and taking the chance of getting hacked etc. & with DNTMe I was so blown away to see how many sites were actually tracking you when I was on FB...unreal...I felt better knowing they were blocking them for me. After so many yrs of using them and trusting them I bought the premium service...Masked my credit cards and my phone...I did a lot of Xmas shopping online and never felt more secure knowing that my info was safe and guarded. Don't know why I waited so long to become a premium member but I'll continue to be one because I LOVE this app...I'm lost without it & so happy that I have it on my ios as well :) Keep up the good work Abine ;)

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This add-on saves all of your passwords to one place, which is great if you are like me and have to use the "password recovery" function numerous times throughout the week. It also protects your credit card when you purchase things online - a much needed feature these days!

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excellent for storing passwords, and masking the email address u enter each time u register i a site

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Excellent. I've always used Firefox and for some reason, forgot to download it with my new PC. After installing Blur, I'm excited about the increased security. Most addons are redundant or annoying. This one is worth checking out.

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Very handy extension. Stable and smooth so far.

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I've used Abine's products in the past and they were pretty good. I just installed Blur and it seems to work okay. I don't like the little pop up prompts when you go over a password boxes. We will see how this works.

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There are plenty of addons that address one or two Internet security issues. Blur is the best addon I've come across that covers you with regard to every potential security threat this side of antivirus: anti-tracker, anti-spam, password and email security.

It all works quietly and unobtrusively in the background until you need it, then it taps you on the shoulder, does what it has to do, and gets out of the way. One of those addons that you didn't know you needed until you try it out. Now I've got one addon that does the work of a handful of addons I used to use, and does it as well (or better) than they did.

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I was a user of MaskMe before they upgraded to Blur and I have to say it just got better. I find it very useful and the support is fantastic, friendly, and patient. What more could you ask for? i'm giving it a five star rating because they deserve it.

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This add on is great for users who take their security seriously. All the do no track features seem to work flawlessly. This can be a great tool if you get caught in a pop up window hell. The other features such as masking emails can be useful if you don't like filling out the same registration information for websites.

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this add on is really helpful because it stores all the passwords. I also feel like I have privacy when I surf the web. overall pretty cool app I cant wait to get into all the features as well. I took off a star because I have seen the idea before.

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I have been using Abine products for a few years now and highly recommend them, however, there are a few flaws that I'm very surprised they haven't addressed. If the power/battery goes out on your computer, when you restart it you will remain logged in. Great if you live alone at home, horrible if you travel or don't want anyone else in your living quarters to have access to your information. What if I come down with food poisoning and didn't log off my company computer? Whoever opens it up next has every password and every site right there at their disposal. It would be nice to have the option of having to enter your password whenever the computer goes into Sleep mode or shuts down. Another thing they should install is a virtual keyboard so that if you need to use a computer besides your own you can log on without worrying about keyboard loggers.
The Masked emails and credit cards make it a necessity in my opinion, but worrying if I logged out of the six devices I use regularly is a hassle.

Everyone should have thisextension Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I just installed this extension and I can see already that this is what I have been looking for. I will have the feeling of having privacy and I can't wait to try out all the cool features. So glad I was introduced to this extension.

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I tried this extension on chrome as well, since I use both firefox and chrome daily. I was able to log into the account I made on chrome and sync my usernames and passwords between the accounts. I like the service, but I think its just a little bit too much information to give one service if you do the pro version. For the standard version, i think it is a good addon.