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  • Surprisingly buggy, often but not always considers words with accepts as mistakes. Usually, starting with the accent onward. Clearly has been abandoned by the author. Amazing that for such a popular browser there isn't such a basic functionality.
    What kind of bug? What do you mean?
    Can you post a bug report, please? https://grammalecte.net/forum.php?prj=fr
    You can post in English.
  • super =)
  • Trés bien
  • Too many words missing
    You can make proposals for missing words on this website: https://grammalecte.net/dictionary.php?prj=fr
  • C'est bien mais il est pas capable de corriger tribunaux? bizarre.Il fait quelques erreurs de ce genre.Donc, pas parfait mais quand même bien.
  • SUper rien à redire
    merci =)
  • Excellent pour moi
    merci !