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  • I set up a custom default search engines in ff51.0.1, but the settings don't stick.

  • I wanted to check if it was better than the addon I use, but no, "Add to Search Bar" is far better.

  • A complete waste of time for mine. I'm unfortunate enough to live in the UAE and if Google is specified, I get the arab version. Going to Custom and pasting the Australian Google common or advanced search strings doesn't stick - I'm back with the arabs. I'm not even going to give it 1 star although I suspect that as a required field, it won't be submitted unless I do. Yep, I'm right, so the single star is there under protest.

  • After Yahoo hijacked my address bar during an upgrade, I searched for a repair and found this add-on. It worked for several days and then stopped. Thanks to a prior comment I discovered a conflicting add-on. When that was disabled, this one worked as stated again. As a professional researcher I need quick access to specific search engines of which Yahoo, Bing, and alike are seriously wanting. Maybe some day they will catch up, but for now I don't have the time to waste with their limited results.

  • at least setting a custom s.engine doesn't happen

  • Not sure about the other engines but this causes google to use "I'm feeling lucky". An option to turn this on or off would be nice. Also would be nice to be able to edit the search string, I know I could go to about:config but then I'd have to look up the thing I have to edit first yadda yadda.. that's why I installed this.

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    When you choose "Custom" you can edit the current search string.
    Comment on "Lucky" search noted for next versions.

  • This tells me absolutely nothing

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    "this" ??

  • Hey your addon did not work for me (FF9/WinXP32)

  • But does not work yet or conflicts with somwthing else on FF6.0

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    Please make sure you don't have another extension conflicting

  • great idea.