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  • Trying desperately to use "Bookmark to folder" via shortcut `Shift + Opt + M`. It opens a menu with a search field saying "Search folders...". Headline: "Quick bookmarking to folder". I enter a folder name, select it with my mouse. Menu disappears. Bookmark is set. But then, when I look into the folder I selected, I don't see the bookmark. Searching the bookmark, I see it in a totally different folder. - What am I missing?!
  • love it!
    wait for this a long time!
    so many usefull options.
    wish: icon collor wants be same like firefox-bookmark-icon collor blue and grey optional icons. Another wish pleas give a quicksearch option to finde a main folder by option-tab
  • Headline:

    It works on FF 69!

    crude summary of functionality - 2 main functions/areas:

    - control default folder when using 'normal' FF bookmarking i.e. star in URL bar or CTRL+D

    - control default folder (and some other bits of bobs) when using the extension's "quick bookmarking" system

    For both, you can pick last used folder or any specific folder or FF's default (which ridiculously is "other bookmarks").

    You set defaults, etc, in the extension's options.

    I personally couldn't find a use for the the quick bookmarking system (ALT+SHIFT+D), though it does have a nice filtering system (using the extension's toolbar icon), where you just type the bookmark folder name (rather than having to pick it from a drop down).

    summary (for me):

    - allows me to choose the default bookmark folder for my favourites (when mozilla decided that was unnecessary functionality for users grrrr).

    5 stars
  • Could you add support for choosing sub-folder? For example,, I have two folders named the same but with different parents. "folder A, subfolder X", and "folder B, subfolder X"
  • This add on doesn't not work in android mozilla at all.
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  • Useful, customizable. Excellent.