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Great extension. Working FF 19.0a1 32-bit on win, and it's only 3.5KB.
Among its drawbacks, non configurable keyboard shortcut, lack of locales, and it's non restartless. If you need a restartless alternative Fresh CSS would help you, also allows configurable shortcut and toolbar bar/addon bar button, but it's irrationally large.

Although you can manually modify the shortcut:
- Unzip extension (or open it with 7-zip)
- Edit ../chrome/content/cssreloader.xul (F4 in 7-zip)
- Modify " keycode " parameter with the value you want of https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/XUL_Tutorial/Keyboard_Shortcuts and save file.
- Zip the extension to an .xpi file (or update extension file in 7-zip)... and there you have it.

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