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  • I found addon "Forget Me Not" to offer almost the same functionality, but is working on the new Firefox.
  • I've used this add-on for years. It's easy to use and allows me to protect the cookies I want and get rid of the rest. I gave it a top rating because it allows me to do what I want, doesn't do things I don't want, and is easy to use. I've moved to Pale Moon so that I can continue to use this and other add-ons that no longer work with the most current version of Firefox.
  • Greta for controlling your cookies.
  • I recommend switching to the add-on CookieKeeper. CookieCuller has not been updated or maintained for a very long time now and CookieKeeper has many more features and is up to date!
  • Das Addon ist einfach zu bedienen und löscht alle Cookies auf knopfdruck oder beim Beenden von Firefox, die nicht geschützt sind (i.S. einer Whitelist). Mehr Schutz vor Tracking geht nicht. In Kombination damit nutze ich BetterPrivacy, das auch Flash-Cookies beseitigt (beim Start von Firefox).
  • Using Pale Moon, it worked for months for me.
    Suddenly the button is gone.
    How can I restore it?
  • I use it on a daily basis, it helps me to remove most of the cookies I don't need.

    However I would like one more feature: the ability to delete individual cookies. Some sites can't be blocked entirely, because they then won't allow you to use them anymore. So I feel the need to distinguish between cookies from them that I need to allow, and those I either don't want to allow, or have them deleted right after they have been placed.

    An option would be to not only block cookies by site but also by name. I know exactly which specific cookies I don't want, but can't find a way to permanently block them, as I do need other cookies from that particular site. As a result I open the add-on every day to delete the cookies that give me problems. I would love to see that automated.
  • More and more sites are using HTML5 localstorage to keep persistent data in
    addition to cookies.

    It would be good if cookieculler also cleared localStorage the same way as cookies.
  • Been using it for many years now and can't imagine not having it available to manage my cookie file. Giving SeaMonkey a trial run and disappointed to find Cookie Culler is only compatible with Firefox.
  • Bonjour,
    J'ai re-installé plusieurs fois l'extension Cookie Culler version 1.4.fx+mz signed , elle est supprimée par Firefox 42.0 à chaque reboot pour "incompatibilité avec cette version de Firefox."
  • Has always worked flawlessly for me, does everything I need. Allows me to choose which cookies on a domain I wish to keep (eg login names, customizations etc) and clears the rest. (I keep about 10 cookies). I presume that Dan has not done any more development because none is needed. It just works!
  • CookieCuller is working great for me on my (well maintained) Windows XP MCE, running Firefox 31. I told Firefox to "accept cookies from sites", accept third-party cookies "always" and keep them until "they expire". I checked "clear history when Firefox closes" and, under the settings button I UNchecked "cookies", I told CookieCuller to protect certain cookies and delete all others on restart. Will definitely keep an eye on it, but so far.....so good :)

    Edit: 24 Aug 2014 Periodic checks confirm it's working just as it should. I'm very happy :)
  • Need to amend my review. CC no longer protects cookies when you shut down FF and specify "clear cookie on shutdown". It used to and this was the feature that I most liked
  • I used CookieCuller for a long time, up to Firefox 24, but sadly for me, this module didn't fully work anymore. I tried to contact the author to propose an update, but I do not get any response.

    Has the result, I have publish the update to a new name: CookieKeeper.
    I made it available for Thunderbird & SeaMonkey too.
    The version 1.5.0 do not migrate the CookieCuller preferences, but the release 1.5.2, currently under the review queue, will.
    When installing, CookieKeeper check for CookieCuller preferences, if found, it ask you if you want to migrate your preferences. It then delete the CookieCuller preferences. You can after uninstall CookieCuller.
  • Still installs and works fine in FF 26. Only Cookie Add-On I found that allows to keep CERTAIN cookies for a domain (like login name) but delete other cookies (like tracking) for the same domain when closing the browser.
    Unfortunately no development since 2009. General UI polishing would be great. I'd like to be able to browse while Cookie Culler's main window ist open. Could have some more options, e.g. a link to see for which sites cookies are blocked. BUT: gets the job done. (I don't need cookie editing features for daily browsing, there are other Add-ons that specialize on web development or pentesting.) Thanks, Dan!
  • I just installed (Dec 29 2013) it on my Firefox V26 and it works perfectly. So simple even I could use it!
    Jim B.
  • CC was a great little addon for Firefox but it looks like development has finally ended.

    This is posted on the support website:
    "(December 22, 2009) CookieCuller 1.4 has been released to make it compatible with Firefox 3.6. It also contains some other small fixes, none of which are critical. A note about future versions: Does this mean the active development of CookieCuller is continuing? Probably not. Don't start sending me feature requests."

    my thanks go to Dan Yamaoka for creating this tool and I wish him all the best in future projects.

  • Cookie protect change is not work i see cookie alway get change

    How i can fix this ?
  • On Firefox over ver22, this add-on does not work. I'm worry(;;)
  • I really like the design of this add-on, but unfortunately I’m having the same issue as Wolfgang See: it’s only remembering the protected cookies I set the first time I used the add-on, after that it doesn’t seem to remember new ones. Really hope there’s an update in the pipeline.
  • it only keeps the cookies I protected at first time. The other I protected later will be also deleted at
    firefox 22
  • The extension will not install. It will act like as if it is installing - asking for restart - but the extension never shows in "Add-Ons".
  • When it works, it works. But I have a couple problems with it.

    Sometimes I have thousands of cookies to go through, and I will delete a lot and protect a lot. However, when I close Firefox and go back in and open CookieCuller to see the remaining cookies, my previous changes have not taken effect. I have to go through the entire process again, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Just moments ago, I deleted hundreds of cookies with CookieCuller, and closed out of it. When I reopened to make sure the cookies I deleted were gone, some of them were still there. It took 3 times of deleting those cookies until they were actually gone when I reopened CookieCuller.

    Also, one site can leave numerous amount of cookies. There is no way to tell which cookies I need, and which I can delete. For example, every time I visit Google, there are new cookies that have an unprotected status. I already have dozens of Google cookies protected; do I need to protect the NEW Google cookies? There is no way to tell what data is in the new cookies. The only cookies I want to save are login type cookies. So in addition to the dozens of specific site cookies I already have, I now have to protect a bunch of new cookies for that site. I just don't get it...
  • Not very user-friendly for managing a large number of sites. The interface could need a search or filter to narrow down lists etc.
  • Still working GREAT for me on Windows Firefox 12. I made a web page about how I use it.
    Whoops, old reliable freebie Horizon Host is down now, so I copied the page over to my ISP Space: