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Add the option to "temporarily allow cookies" and it will increase the popularity of your extensions. That option is a must.

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A tremendously useful extension. I love the simplicity that Cookie Button brings and I prefer it to some of the other more complicated extensions for cookie management. My only request would be an option to directly access "Exceptions" and "Show Cookies" in Firefox options. An entry in the Firefox menu would be nice. Some of the other cookie extensions have this and it would allow us worriers to verify that everything is on the up and up.

Just a note for users not schooled in cookies. You will find that trolling the internet can be very frustrating without cookies. Sites will be super "buggy" and sometimes won't even work. I suggest deleting all of your cookies before downloading this extension and then going through all of your favorite sites at once and accepting cookies where needed. Note that session cookies are deleted after you leave a site, so they probably won't be used very often.

Just as a heads up for all, I had a lot of issues with Hotmail (Live.com). You cannot access their mail unless you manually add "hotmail.com" to the exceptions list in Firefox options under privacy. This extension automatically adds live.com to the "Allow" list, but it isn't enough to achieve login. I almost removed this addon out of frustration until I figured that out. Be creative if you run into similar problems with other sites by manually adding all different address mutations to the exceptions list.

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