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  • fg
  • Doesn't work.
  • To those who want a similar addon that works perfectly, I suggest you try Yet Another Context Search.
  • someone fix it ? It is a great addon
  • Unfortunately this is a very useful extension stopped working in Firefox 20.0.1. I had to install the extension Context Search X
  • Fork it somebody!
    Great ext.
  • Unfortunately this very handy extension stopped working when Firefox updated to 20.0. It will be sorely missed.
  • Developer is dead; extension is broken.
  • It would be great if you add an icon of the search engine in the first level of the context menu.
  • Don't work in FF20b, plz fix it~
  • This has stopped working in Nightly. Please fix it.
  • ... add also this Add-On !!!

    Organize Search Engines 1.7

    ... it works pretty good with Context Search RG
    ... have fun Galien3000 ;)))
  • I've thought about this simple idea for years. Awesome and well done!
  • Even though it ignores the folders set by Organize Search engine, it still displays them all. Brilliant addon, should be default.
  • This is my favorite context search extension I just miss a favicon on the context menu of the default search engine. (It'll help me to find the context search faster.)
  • Wow, my new favorite context search! Nicely replaces the old long-time standard "Context Search 0.4.6" with a more modern menu with a built-in default (that old extension always required my to re-enable the 'extensions.contextsearch.hideStandardContextItem' parameter so I could have quicker access to the default).

    Only problem I ran into was I had to restart Firefox to get it to install, I kept getting a "could not update a necessary file" or similar until I did. But then it did install without restarting again.
  • @Siddhartha Dugar, browser.search.context.loadInBackground is added to latest nightly: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=11742677#p11742677

    Oh, nm, I get what you're saying now; anyway..:)
  • One of the things I've been looking for.
  • Hello there and thank for this ext.
    Could someone explain in short what are the differences of this extension and the other ones (that do the "same" actions)?
    Another thing. To someone that publishes an extension - does it offer the option to add tags? It was very difficult to me to search for these extensions. I'd never find out what to search for - it was luck and time consuming (for an anxious person :0) ). "context menu" is something most won't think of when they're not very savvy. It was after many(?) pages down that it appears in "search" keyword. I also googled search with google for (I think it was like this) add search engine/s.
    Another thing: why does the "context search" say featured?
    The more point and click I have, the better. I'm so lazy hehe so this ext fits me excellent. Gotta find more and more...
    Thanks again!
  • Please, add a support of folders provided by “Organize Search Engines” addon.
  • Is essentially required option for this addon.
  • it would be great if the context search result opens in background.
  • not all menu have search http://clip2net.com/s/1dfwj
  • Works as advertised, but creates a problem, it somehow disables window and HTML5 form resizers.
  • Exactly what I needed! This is the best context search extension for Fx!