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It works and it is possible to mix submenu with direct saving. This is excellent!
But instead of given prefix it adds 'Save Image to "GivenName"' and because quotes (") aren't allowed as file names it can not be saved.
But it is not fatal. I manually changed it to what I wanted and it works.
I think, you can easily fix this minor problem.
In addition, I think you shouldn't add "Save Image to" - the given name is enough, especially if I intend to save link and not image.
But the user interface is very friendly and simple to use.
Thanks alot.
P.S. It saves links as html files. If it is so, it can save the current page to, is not? So, it can be used by clicking the current page in any place (not on image or link) and even from tab context menu. Or I'm wrong?

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Thanks for notifying me of the prefix issue. You are correct, it was trivial to fix. An update should be approved very soon.

Regarding "Save Image to". I see your point. My main issue here is that the name of the add-on contains "Image Saver". Saving links is still at a very experimental stage. When I am happy with the link saving I might need to fork a new add-on called "Context Save" or something that does not contain the word "image". Any suggestions? :D

Very nice! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Is it possible to add to the options the possibility to use submenu, i.e. to have only one item in top level context menu and the list - inside this item?
In addition it would be nice if it'll be possible to have additional item "Save to..." that will be the traditional way? In this case the traditional item "Save as..." can be hidden by Menu Editor.
The request is caused by the reason, that context menu is very big usually.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (20120822.1-signed.1-signed). 

Submenu's are go!

G'day, I have added the option to create submenu's in the latest update. Give it a go and tell me that you think.
-- C