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  • Nice! :)
    Works fine with seamonkey also!
  • Hope it gets continued to the firefox 57
  • I find it essential to my 'collection' to minimising the Firefox interface, thus maximising the viewing area.
    Sadly development seems to have halted.
  • Kills additions panel added Classic Theme Restorer. You understand that the Classic Theme Restorer more necessary.
  • Thank You very much Milly. 5 Gold 1's! Not have to squint to read Fx menu bar now. YAY!!! Wish I knew how to get the button into the navigation bar tho. drag in customize not work. But still absolutely wonderful addon.
  • :FU:
  • This extension is working in the latest Firefox, but notice the custom Icon option hasn;t worked at all for the past few Firefox builds.

    It's sad because I used to like the ability to use something other than the blue ball.

    Hope this comes back someday.
  • Works perfectly with one exception described here:
    When first logon FX or restore from minimize, menu dropdown button appears as it should however the menu buttons appear individually in a row at the right side of the nav bar (in addition to the Menu drop-down button): Pushing the drop-down button a single time causes those superfluous buttons on the right to disappear. They do not reappear again until FX is reset to screen or restarted. There is a minor bug somewhere. JLJ@JLJacobs.com

    Edit: The same malfunction as described above still exists when this extension is loaded into my v56.0.2. I am running Classic Theme Restorer also so do not know if that is the cause of this issue. In any case the standard Menubar appears once upon start/restart with Classic Menu 2 and disappears with a selection of any buttons in the menu bar, any!!! Does not reappear after that. Cannot find any way of resolving this issue. JLJ@JLJacobs.com 11/7/2017
  • Seem this extension still works with 2.32 but is listed as incompatible, perhaps there is a bug I haven't discovered yet, would be nice to see this addon updated, since it's very nice.
  • Works as described on FF 32. Using Kubuntu 14.04.

    My Title bar did not change at all.
  • This is now 2.5+ years old but still works on FF 28.

    The Title bar is replaced with orange 'Firefox' button (no mention of this in the description).

    I use the Title bar to ascertain the webpage I am on, so I removed the add-on. Thanks anyway!
  • Thanks especially for supporting a custom icon. With some hamburger bars I can have all the nerdy goodness of SeaMonkey and still look like one of the cool kids.
  • For some reason, in Nightly on Ubuntu 14.10 I have no Firefox icon menu.... So I wanted a way to add it without having to use the Menu Bar. This does the job quite well!
  • bookmark this page doesnt work anymore,
    I have Tab Toolbar on top/above (?)
  • Firefox 25, Linux (OpenSuse Tumbleweed), gives awesome menu and awesome icon, both optional. Works, unlike TinyMenu.I don't use any extra Bookmarking addons, so no conflicts here. Combine this with Omnibar = Perfect!!
  • Unfortunately, edit bookmarks doesn't work anymore.
  • To all who have posted here since July of 1012... I posted this back then... check out Franks fix for at least the bookmarking issues....I'm not sure what's up with Milly.

    A version which will not break bookmarking Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    by Richard Foulkes on July 30, 2012 · permalink

    Yes, this extension on AMO currently breaks a number of basic bookmarking features.

    But Frank Lion has a couple of versions of the same extension and they do not break bookmarking.

    He has them named Compact Menu3 (two display versions)
  • Dear Milly,I like this add-on very much, but it stops "Add Bookmark Here 2" from working. Can you get together with the author of CM2 and sort this out please?Thanks.
  • like "Mitko1239" says, i confirm that it's interfering with the new Downloads Manager in Firefox 20.
  • It's a really neat add-on, but it's interfering with the new Downloads Manager in Firefox 20. It's really good though.
  • Отношение к расширению двойственное:
    - с одной стороны сделало меню браузера умным и логичным,
    - с другой - работает само кривовато и конфликтует со звездой закладок в строке адреса.
    Будем надеяться, что поправят...
  • It's good add-on but somehow in new FF versions it's Interfering with Bookmarks Star in address bar. please resolve it ASAP.
  • dabruro ... and others... I posted about this bookmarks problem and this extension.... and also pointed out where a working copy of this extension can be found... READ down the reviews and you will find it.
  • This was a great addon, but it breaks bookmarking in recent versions of Firefox (15 & probably many others). I even made a brand new empty profile with *only* this single addon (no conflicts possible) and it still won't put up the bookmark editing dialog. A bookmark gets set but no dialog to edit it. See the Support site -- this issue has been open for 7 months without comment from the developer.

    Is there anyone out there who can please make a new version of this addon that doesn't break bookmarking?
  • I'm using FF 3.6.28 and having no problems with ANY add-ons including "Compact Menu" 2 4.3.1
    and "Add Bookmark Here ²" Version 3.6.20101102.
    Temporarily installed Firefox 16.0.2 as a trial ... all add-ons were updated by FF.
    I noticed that with "Compact Menu" installed .... "Add Bookmark Here ²" would not function.
    I have since gone back to FF 3.6.28 and all add-ons are again functioning 100%.
    I like both "Compact Menu" and .... "Add Bookmark Here ²" and continue to use them in FF 3.6.28.
    NOTE: I've placed the same review for "Add Bookmark Here ²" and "Compact Menu" ... the developers' non-English site not accessible.