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Versión 7.0 49.2 kB Funciona con Firefox 35.0 y posterior, Thunderbird 35.0 y posterior

FEATURE: Compatibility up to the latest versions of multi-process Firefox and Thunderbird.
FEATURE: Black-listing may now be used to exclude domains from automatic transformation.
FEATURE: A few context menu items were added for showing the panel.
FEATURE: Background images are now hidden during transformation in all cases.
FEATURE: A faster transform is now used for transformation to constant hue.
FEATURE: A background-image in a style rule is now transformed only when its selector matches at least once on the page.
FEATURE: The contrast in most dark themes was improved, including the contrast between text and link colors.
FIX: On uninstall, extension preferences are correctly deleted again.
FIX: Start-up is now more reliable, for example when quickly opening multiple windows or when the toolbar button is hidden.
FIX: Initialization of the page background-color is now correct for all combinations of background-color/image on body/html.
FIX: The panel background was made transparent to prevent a paint bug with 100% CPU upon resize.
FIX: The panel content is now created only when the panel is actually shown.
FIX: Missing localized strings are now always replaced by English strings.
FIX: Some layout issues with the Walnut and Nautipolis themes were fixed.
FIX: The option to delay the first paint was removed as it did not seem to work anymore.
FIX: The default CSS variables which are used on about: pages are now replaced by hardcoded color values.
FIX: CSS color names in upper case are now also transformed.
FIX: The panel icon which indicates automatic transformation is now updated when the toolbar button is clicked.
FIX: Attributes background, bordercolor & color are now translated to CSS on td, table & hr, respectively.
FIX: The outdated extension preferences branch is now removed directly after upgrading.