Very cool but a bit buggy Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

A great idea, especially with all the customization. But I run into constant issues, the more complex a page is.
First, the 'filters' seem to apply over themselves _most of the time_, making a page darker and darker, or a text more and more saturated.
Then when you duplicate a tab, the new copy has some differences (!) e.g. the rating stars on are no more color-filtered, some page areas revert to the original unfiltered colors etc. (even with "all pages" option enabled.
Also on complex pages, the loading (or rather displaying) time is 2,3,4 times longer than before, probably because of the parsing.

Looking forward to the new faster & more stable version.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (3.1). 

Thank you for the helpful review.

Colorific is meant as a one-click color transform. For iterative use, you may find my extension 'Color Transform' more useful. I will look into an approach that retains the initial color values, but of course this would come with a memory cost.

I will test the 'Duplicate Tab' case, as I have not done so yet. I did encounter similar issues on Google when moving to other pages with search results. The cause is probably that the 'load' event is not fired again for duplicated pages and contained documents.

As for the transform time, transforming no other images than small background images usually leads to an acceptable result and delay, but this is dependent on your system.

Complex pages take proportionally longer to transform, but some page authors make a real mess and create huge css files. In a later version, I will provide options to exclude such pages/domains from automatic transformation.