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I deeply understand your sensitivity to ownership. In my eyes - you are an owner - because so customisable addon is just a STANDARD. So it is worth to push this STANDARD anyway.
But I think even currently there are many things that can be done almost immediately.
1. You wrote that every user can add its own userscript. It is fantastic, but you probably meant - every advanced user, the amateours like me and newcomers - can not.
2. But what they do can - is copy such user scripts from some place/webpage, let say, Library of user scripts and paste them in your amazing shell-configurator.
3. The other addon owners can also provide some kind of calling their features (like user scripts) and even don't need to pass their addon verification. And not advanced users also can copy such things and paste them to your shell. To remove this item from Main Context menu (from right click) user can via Menu Editor.
4. All that is necessary - is to ensure them to make such not big effort.
5. It is also worth to add to your configurator the possibility to move up/doun the items and to be able to create subitems. and add separators. Currently there is no necessity in subitems, but as soon as the number of items will dramatically grow - such feature becomes important.
6. Regarding Copy feature. I think it should be feature to allow also autocopy from non-writable fields (this option can be enabled/disabled by user).
In general all this will turn your addon also as Clickless Menu Editor.
Thank you.

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Thank you for your feedback.

I am glad that you favored this addon.

1-4. Enable to use other addon's features from Clickless menu.
You meant ways of using the userscripts?
If you have any questions about using, tell me the addon's name that want to use.
You may be able to copy and paste my responses(script) to configuration page of Clickless menu.

5-6. Other enhancement suggestions.
(1) Moving up/down the items : Implemented. Drag and drop it.
(2) Separators : Implemented. Type "<separator>" in URL/Script field.
(3) Sub menus : I considered it, but I was pass it over because it seems to complex for its feature.
(4) Autocopy : It is not goal of this addon, so I will not implement it.

And, I created a new thread about this addon at support forum.
If you have more feedback or questions, please post there.

Thank you.