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Highlight some text and instantly see an option to search for it on Google, Wikipedia, etc.Thank you so much for this Add-on! :)

However, there are 4 things I don't like about it: 1) Once the search menu has appeared you can't type ! This makes it impossible to edit text in a text box! 2) You can only select text by dragging the cursor over it. You can't select text by clicking the start, holding down shift, then clicking the end; nor can you select a word by double clicking on it. 3) The search menu doesn't appear when you take your hand off the mouse button, instead you have to wait with your hand on the mouse button before it will appear. 4) To add a site you have to go through a process of manually adding it rather than simply choosing it from one of the search engines already in your search bar.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (1.2.1-signed.1-signed). 

1. Not sure what your problem is. I just checked right here while I'm typing. I just Closed the search menu and I'm able to continue with typing.

2. This feature is implemented in ClickCutter for Windows. However, double click and autocopy is working fine. Autocopy just works a little bit different with double or triple click. You need to see ClickCutter for Windows help to learn how it works.

3. Search menu is a part of the process and it appears only when you need it to appear. That's the whole purpose of the this time-delayed function.

4. Every site you add to your search bar have different setting criteria to be added to a search bar. ClickCutter can't identify the exact search word which used to add each individual site and for that reason clickCutter uses it's own "Add a site" procedure to make sure that all site are being added correctly.