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Stars Blue

por Tatana

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blue abstract by levscaya

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blue light by levscaya

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snezhinki by levscaya

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NorDesign Delights !

"Bunch grass is important.01" is a lovely piece of ART. It looks just like many of the tumbleweeds, that blow across the prairie, HERE, where I live! The shimmering metallic colors of green, blue and yellow make a complicated, yet GORGEOUS, image to stare at. Nice job!

This theme is just one, among MANY NorDesigns, that I have enjoyed over the years! It is obvious that you possess major artistic talent, and have created some of the finest Themes for Mozilla Add-Ons! Your designs bear a light, gentle touch, yet retain a bold and beautiful appearance. I have chosen 90 of my favorite NorDesign images for a collection, and now use MOSTLY your art for my Theme windows. The colors you paint are unique, - they shimmer on my screen with a surprising artistic depth. So, along with the AMAZING, and yet such tiny intricate details, means your creations provide endless hours of viewing pleasure.

You should consider creating larger, full-screen images, like wallpapers! Your artistic talent is immense, so I'm sure they would be magnificent! In any case, please keep up the great work, and I look forward to new Themes you might create, here at Firefox !

Thank you so much! - C.R.McL. ( -Cassandra. )

Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas por C.R.McL. el February 16, 2017

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