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  • Shit
  • Small, simple and fast. All I need to download online video!
  • useless
  • Worthless add-on.. Very bad video recognition...
  • Useless. Nothing to do with Downthemall or Flashgot. Stop recommending it!!!
  • Absolute GARBAGE. Utterly WORTHLESS. Don't waste your time.
  • Very good for make a link list for download texture images from Sketchfab, but miss .gz archives completely, because they use MIME type "plain/text" for them (I think).
    Can you override that?
  • Unusable crap, if You look for a _real_ download manager like 'Down Them All'
    It is outrageous to suggest that junk as a replacement...
  • Rubbish, if you are looking for replacement for Flashgot, then stay away, this crap doesn't work.
  • Compared with how good FlashGot was, this addon is useless.
    barley works.

    Won't even let me select the DASH (Separate audio/video tracks) from Youtube - Which means it wont download YT in 1080p. only 720 or less.

    Complete Rubbish.
  • Way behind Downthemall or Video DownloadHelper.
  • Works most of the time for me.
    Still a few sites it has trouble with, will DL multiple parts rather than a contiguous file.
    Interface could use some work, not as intuitive as some of it's predecessors. Seems to be the source of the ranting, garment rending, hair pulling reviews.
    Not a replacement for DTA but as a work in progress shows a lot of promise.
  • Opened a blank window then froze my browser. A+ troll
  • This needs a lot of work before it can be useful. I blame this on webextensions as they broke almost all my addons that i need. Add-on Needs queuing, Nothing like 100+ connections if downloading in bulk. Needs good resume support not the shoddy resume support that is built into Firefox natively,

    Example Firefox will fail at downloading and resume won't work or it will think the file has completely downloaded and think it is finished and then you can't resume. This has been a bug for many many generations of Firefox with the default download manager. I am surprised this bug hasn't been fixed to this day. Like since the beginning almost. This is no replacement for DownThemAll.

    2 stars for effort. Will re-rate if add-on improves.
  • poor
  • quality wise download option not available, I think.
  • It doesn't work at all. Why publish something to Mozilla site when it's completely broken? I even tried Ctrl+Shift+R to bypass cache and yet 90% of requests don't appear in list. Only requests no one would ever want to download like just AJAX stuff. If you don't know how to fix it, just delete it from the store, check out all the one star reviews...pathetic...