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  • We need flasgot back! This add-on doesn't work.
  • This useless piece of junk doesn't actually recognize or download any pictures or video, no matter how many times you refresh, even with ctrl-f5. But if you want to save random json or css files, this is your extension!
  • Most of the time it does absolutely nothing. If it wasn't for the little spinning square I'd swear it was off. When it does work there is no indication what changed. Then back to not working. Junk. It's a good thing I didn't upgrade FF on my work laptop. I would really be pissed off.
  • Not a replacement for DTA!
  • Opens another window which doesn't grab media I can simply right click & save versus previously rippable media. WTF? What's with these 'recommended' extensions NOT being anywhere close as easy to use & effective as their predecessors?? This is the fifth extension/add-on that barely works or doesn't at all since the Firefox update. i thought updated software was supposed to progress towards better functionality?? It seems like this browser platform has taken a huge step backwards. Sad!
  • demo video has no sound, can't find any thing to describe functionality.

    All in all, a pig in a blanket.
  • ne marche pas
  • Não funciona
  • Very poor user interface. Would like to be able to pick extension in file types, i.e. just .gif or just .png rather than ALL image files. Same with other types such as videos. Would also like to see ability to DL to choice of folder and have it remember that for the file type. Als, having to refresh the page can be a pain on some sites. If these already exist, I apologize. I just haven't discovered how.
  • Firefox 57.0.1 is a fiasco. The latest rendition of Firefox has broken a lot of the features that made Firefox my browser of choice, like the ability to use extensions that actually WORKED and worked efficiently, like Down Them All (DTA). Compared to that extension, Bulk Media Downloader is a letdown--a mere shadow of what it should be. I have found that the same is true of most of the replacement extensions that work on Firefox 57+. DTA just worked, and it worked very well, without having to have a "grabber window" open to add media.

    All "bulk media downloaders" should follow the lead of DTA.

    Firefox has taken away all the browser features that we enjoyed and forced upon us a cheap, inferior substitute that doesn't allow the very extensions that make Firefox the best available browser. As with the new "replacement" extensions, Firefox is a shadow of its former self. The only viable option that I see is to uninstall Firefox 57.0.1 and reinstall an earlier version that does allow DTA and other favorite and helpful extensions. So much for Mozilla's looking out for the privacy and security of its Firefox users, and for its stated commitment to giving Firefox users the best browsing experience.

    I agree with "pippo_franco"; "If it ain't broke don't fix it." That seems to be exactly what Mozilla has done with Firefox and the extensions that it allows.
  • Garbage
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm afraid the wisdom of history has been lost on this update of FF. It used to do all I needed with addins including the invaluable Down Them All to direct files to where they needed to go, now I'm forever cutting and pasting. I rolled back to pre 57 with a system restore, but it seemed to have become unstable, plus I couldn't put up with Firefox nagging every time I opened a new window. I'm seriously looking for options, this has been a bit of a productivity wet blanket. Maybe with time, Down Them All, Unplug, and others will return. Firefox 57 has been released prematurely in my view.
  • Péssima, não funciona e NÃO substitui o DownThenAll original, que sempre foi excelente!!!!
  • Wird als Ersatz für DTA angeboten. Schwachsinn. Wer will als Ersatz für eine Luxuslimousine einen klapprigen Leiterwagen haben?
  • absolute pants!

    this is supposed to work with flashget, or so they claim
    but how the heck do i do this???

    they doesnt seem to e any sort of quality control like they use to be
    any idiot can upload a extension here now with no quality control its just spam all the way now any old shit is allowed,
    fed up! fed up!
  • Useless
  • Ich finde es eher umständlich, dass man Seiten neu laden muss damit Links gefunden werden, was dann bei mir in der Regel auch gar nicht funktioniert. (Andere Add-ons können das.)

    Zur Zeit würde ich "Download Star" als Ersatz für DownThemAll empfehlen. Bald sollte auch DownThemAll Lite rauskommen. Auf jeden Fall sehr schlecht dass diese Erweiterung die kaum funktioniert als Ersatz für DownThemAll angezeigt wird.
  • It has been rubbish from day one, and it is still so.
    Down-Them-all was the one thing which ensure my continuous use of FF, but you have really missed the bus on this one - as well as the other add-ons which you have killed off willy-nilly.
    There is NO incentive to keep using this new version - you have shot yourself in the foot..
    And now some - probably - 6 months later, and it still is rubbish, and Firefox still seems totally disinterested in creating their own downloader on par with DownThemAll.
    Seems I've been backing the wrong horse all these years, you are no different from the other corporate software houses.
  • It's not a real download manager as we had in DownThemAll.
    Totally useless.
    Switching back to old firefox.
  • Very messy and difficult to use.
  • Not working; I miss Flashgot and unplug