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  • https://flashgot.net/+++++++++++
    Even close is not like DownThemAll
  • That's not a replacement for DownThemAll
  • Compared to the "DawnThemAll" is zerro.
    Slugish, no inteligent filters...
  • J'ai voulu installer cette application pour remplacer cacheviewer qui ne fonctionne pas avec FF57 : c'est pas terrible. Il ne trouve pas beaucoup d'images et je ne sais même pas s'il cherche en continue ou pas (car un logo tourne en permanence), et je ne sais même pas comment on récupère les fichiers trouvés.
  • Muito fraco
  • Лучше FlashGot нет, а этот даже близко не похож.
  • Doesn't grab _anything_!
    Try this page: https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/34142
    DTA grabs zip files and images ... etc
  • Don't work!! because they do not update DownThemAll! ?? With firefox 57 i lost many important additional components :(
  • Muito pobre de recursos.
  • Does not work at all. We want our DownThemAll back!
  • not even working
  • 完全不能替代DownThemAll。
  • Grabbed working video less than half the time. Now it can't even find the video on a page, even after refreshing.
  • Crap
  • Sorry, that's not a replacement for DownThemAll. Remove this add-on from the list for a suggestion.
  • This should not have been recommended to replace DownThemAll!, it is a disgrace and dishonor to DTA. This is nothing like the latter. Its annoying that we need to click on its icon before it can start grabbing stuff. I've used other extensions (other than DTA) without the need to do this (they just automatically grab stuff). The interface itself is not user friendly. I expected that the column would sort the list but nothing changed when I clicked on it (list was still unsorted). I also expected that checkboxing a certain type of media would filter the list instead of just checking all of that media in the list. Personally, it was an eyesore to see the list not aligned to the column. It does not even grab all the videos I expected it to. Firefox Developer Tools does this better (in terms of listing stuff). I mean, I can see the link of a video in the Network tab of the Developer Tool so I expected this add-on would grab it but no, the video does not appear in its list. This add-on is also not non-electrolysis (non-e10s) friendly. I believe that the reason for it to kinda freeze (opening to a blank window), as what happened to everybody else was because e10s was disabled. Personally, for the time being (before a new DTA gets released), I'd recommend Video DownloandHelper. At least using VDH feels way better than using this.
  • It is the alternative we now have for FlashGot extension which is now incompatible with Firefox Quantom, but this is really not good compared to FlashGot.. Hope to find something that can replace FlashµGot one day, in the meantime I uninstall this extension as it is really not good.
  • blank window. That's all
  • This extension is utter rubbish. It simply does not work. Reach out to the creator of DownThemAll and help him get his extension back and working or offer a roll back of FireFox.
  • totally for the birds, poor everything nav, ux, etc