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  • Tragicznie wolne wyszukiwanie samych plików do pobrania. Parodia programu, który miał wspierać pobieranie! Żenada.
  • Useless
  • Doesn't seem very helpful when trying to download streamed videos, e.g. from Vimeo. You get a long list of small files (about 1 MB in size). What should I do with that? No idea. :-(
  • I have on idea, how it work, but it not working on me.
  • 5 other Addons didn't find the video, but Bulk Media Downloader found and downloaded it. Perfect! But meanwhile it looks like this is the only site, where it works. It is still the only add on I know downloading on this site, but seems to be of no use for other sites. Therefore reduced to two stars. Finding the video may take time, if it shows nothing, then waint, but not longer than 1 minute.
  • Literally broke my Firefox.
  • Spinning spinner and spinning spinner ... total garbage! Another 5 minutes lost of my time ...
  • horrible, bring back DTA
  • Doesnt work
  • Only spinner spins n spin n spins for ever nothing happens find nothing to download Bulk Downloader
  • total garbage
  • A toutes les apparences d'un mouchard qui s'autorise l'accès aux données personnelles de navigation.
  • Just garbage! USELESS!!!!
  • garbage. Does not work
  • DownThemAll alternative? AHHAHHAHHAHAHAH!! not nearly the fake of it!
  • I spent the last 10 minutes making a firefox account just to tell you how garbage this extension is; PG... PURE GARBAGE!!!
    IT DOES NOTHING BUT TAKE AN ETERNITY TO LOAD LINKS TO CONTENT THAT YOU COULD HAVE DOWNLOADED MANUALLY BY THE TIME EVERY IS LOADED. Except once you have loaded everything you can't do anything with it. Absolutely useless. It's only here because of the new version of firefox doesn't support even half crap extentions, let along great ones like 'Downthemall'. I'm going back to the previous version of firefox just because of this.
  • Crap
  • Esta basura no funcionó. Supuestamente es un reemplazo para DownThemAll, pero ni siquiera me despliega nada, no hay manera de que funcione en mi computadora.
  • Не качает и даже не видит видео.
  • DOES NOT WORK. PERIOD. I downloaded this a couple of weeks after the Firefox Quantum update. I'd previously used Flashgot because it caught all media files and handed them off to my download programs. Flashgot also worked on all my platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux) which was why I loved it so much. I got Bulk Media Downloader because Firefox recommended it as a replacement. After getting it, I tested it on various sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc) and it FAILED ON EVERYTHING. I went over the instructions to see if I missed anything. I also restarted Firefox without any add-ons and returned it to its default settings: STILL DIDN'T WORK. I tested it on Windows or Linux (to see if the problem was just on my mac) but NEITHER OS VERSION WORKED.
  • Replacement for flash got?

    Its like replacing a excavator with a spoon.
  • Não funciona, não substitui o DownThemAll.