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Versión 3.0.0 80.2 KB Funciona con Firefox 16.0 y posterior

  • Added a management page for launchers. Shows tabs, bookmarks and history for the launcher. Allows removing / reordering bookmarks, removing items from history.
  • Added icons to preferences
  • Launchers with multiple sites now use the icon from the active tab, defaulting to the first bookmark if no tabs are open

Versión 2.0.0 42.7 KB Funciona con Firefox 16.0 y posterior

Bookmarks from multiple sites can now be combined under a single launcher. Currently, this is done through the FIrefox bookmarks manager.

Some notes:
  • Multiple bookmarks from the same site must be grouped under the same launcher. Moving one bookmarks from a site will cause all the bookmarks from that site to be moved as well.
  • The bookmark folder title will show up as the tooltip text, if set. If none is set, then the tooltip will list the sites in the launcher.
  • The icon used for the launcher is that of the first bookmark in the folder.
  • Clicking on a closed launcher with multiple bookmarks will still only open the first bookmark.

Versión 1.2.2 38.9 KB Funciona con Firefox 16.0 y posterior

  • Added indicator to show what the tab index is within a launcher when there are multiple tabs open and one is selected.
  • Reversed mouse scroll direction.

Bug Fixes
  • Added clean up code for when a Firefox window is open, fixing a leak.

Versión 1.1.2 38.2 KB Funciona con Firefox 16.0 y posterior

Add-on icon changes.

Versión 1.0.0 37.4 KB Funciona con Firefox 16.0 y posterior

New features
  • Added history sub-menu for each launcher which shows last 7 days (up to 15 items) by default.

Bug fixes
  • Disabled dropping tabs due to several issues.
  • Launcher should now be correctly removed when deleting an item from the overflow menu.