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  • Ja das stimmt.
    Also das Entfernen von Duplikaten sollte automatisch gehen, d.h. man sollte eine Regel angeben können, nach der nur noch eines der Duplikate beibehalten wird (z.B. nach Datum, nach Abfolge gefunden, Verzeichnistiefe oder so)
    Ich habe ca. 9000 Lesezeichen, von denen einige Duplikate sind (~200). Diese einzeln zu suchen und dann auch alle mittels eigenem Klick zu entfernen ist sehr mühsam.
    Vielen Dank für die schnelle Reaktion.

    Ich werde an diesem Wochenende Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 veröffentlichen. Funktional ändert sich dadurch nichts, aber unter der Haube hat sich dafür umso mehr getan.

    Nach Veröffentlichung von Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 werde ich schauen, welche funktionalen Verbesserungen in das nächste Update kommen. Vielleicht ja sogar dieser Vorschlag. Geplant ist diese Verbesserung in jedem Fall. Nur die Reihenfolge, in welcher die geplanten Verbesserungen kommen werden, ist noch nicht sicher, deswegen will ich noch nichts versprechen.

    In jedem Fall wird es nicht wieder acht Monate bis zum nächsten Update dauern, weil die technische Grundlage nun eine bessere ist. ;-)
  • Great idea, but very slow for me. FF Quantum 58.0.2 (64-bit). 30MB/sec internet connection.
    Scan started. Number of bookmarks: 9776
    Somewhere around 9200 Checked it slowed down considerable.
    After 9600 it slowed down so much I thought it stopped.

    It is still checking, so I guess it is working.
    It's Checked: 9638 Warnings: 4355 Errors: 2698
    It has taken me over 20 minutes to get this far and at the current very slow rate it will take another 4 hours.

    I assume it will have a method for fixinig errors and removing duplicates. I don't se that menu choice while it is scanning

    Never completed scanning all bookmarks and I can't see how to fix errors and delete duplicates.
    Of course it's slow if Firefox has to open almost 10,000 websites!

    Some servers do not respond. Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 will handle this situation and abort the request after 15 seconds so the "Never completed scanning" will be fixed with the next update (to be released this weekend).

    > I can't see how to fix errors and delete duplicates.

    Just click the "delete" as you can see it in the screenshot.

    Please check out the new version in a few days. Thank you.
  • Great idea, but so many false positives that it makes it worthless. Can only give it one star until bugs fixed. This should have been released as "alpha" version.
    > This should have been released as "alpha" version

    That's not a fair statement. It's not the fault of Bookmarks Organizer. There are some false positive mitigations in Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 (to be released this weekend) but these improvements were not possible before Firefox 59 for technical reasons. Please check out the new version in a few days. Thank you.
  • von ca. 2300 bookmarks werden 2297 in wenigen minuten gescant, die vorletzten 2 brauchen 10 minuten, die letzte ist auch nach 30 min. nicht gescant - ein zwischenergebnis über 2299 gescante bookmarks wird nicht dargestellt. absolut unbrauchbar.
    Absolut unbrauchbar? Funktioniert für viele andere Nutzer, für die ist die Erweiterung nicht unbrauchbar. Komisch. Aber ich verstehe das. Ein 1-Sterne-Review ist schneller gegeben als ein hilfreicher Input via GitHub.
  • Perfect for cleaning up my bookmarks
    Thank you! :)
  • Le tri des doublons n'arrive pas à terme
  • It does not work! Whith each runcycle the addon detects new, not working URLs (while some of these work!) and after deleting these new ones occur again.
    And it takes ages to scan all links (seems there is no good delay after which not working URLs get aborted)
    No control what the addon does. While it works in the background one cannot see if it crashed already.
    No chance to interrupt or see intermediate results. No batch processing of links. I would not recommend it.

    After having deleted not working URLs and starting the Addon again, the addon detects new entries which it did not durung the first run? So it does not work reliable... be aware.
    All known issues are fixed. Please test again with Bookmarks Organizer 2.0. Thank you! :)
  • Very good addon and very good design !

    The only lacking features:
    - an option to be able to disable the http to https redirect warnings.
    Because I use an automatic http to https redirector (extension : Smart HTTPS), so all HTTP urls are in Warning...
    - a new functionality to be able to list the empty folders
  • It get stuck at last bookmark and then i have to restart Firefox...
  • What happens after it identifies all my bookmarks? I want eliminate duplicates, but I don't see any action tab to perform this function??
  • Works very well on my 600+ bookmarks. Will rate 5 stars with whitelisting and ignoring redirects for keyword search URLs. Would also be nice if it differentiated 404s from connection resets.
  • Doesn't work
  • Brilliant addon. Makes it so easy to correct redirects, remove duplicates and to edit broken links. Have patience it does take a while to finish checking the last few bookmarks.
  • «The AddOn found many broken links very fast. But the process stopped 1 link before the end and stays there endless. Process doesn't finish.» Pretty much that. Besides, once I refreshed the page to try it again it was impossible to even start the process.
  • Great
  • Pretty good add-on, except for a couple of of issues: it flags all sub-Reddit bookmarks as broken URLs when they clearly are not, and it suggests a sub-page when the TLD works fine (ex: http://iwantmoar.com/ works, but recommends http://iwantmoar.com/2238 as a replacement). so something is not entirely right when it comes to checking broken bookmark URLs.

    As for a feature request, if possible, I would also love if the add-on could have an "Organize Bookmarks by..." menu option that has radio buttons to select the desired criteria (name is the only one I can think of right now) to organize bookmarks and folders, and have a button to do it now one-time, or with a check-box to automatically organize in the background by the selected criteria.
  • Freezes