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  • Very good. Can detect 404 bad link, redirect link and others non HTTP 2xx.

    I hope that it can be improve to detect web content changed.
    For example: the bookmark title is about photography, the content was about that in 10 years ago but now the domain had changed the owner and URL still exists but content is something about anything else, no more photography.
  • very good add-on
    though it may takes some time to check bookmarks.
  • Very useful, but could be more useful (to me). Actually quite cumbersome to use.

    - Doesn't test for duplicate tags. Misspellings and the like mean I have duplicate tags.
    - blacklisted locations for the folders or default bookmark to delete. Many of my duplicated bookmarks are in the root folder; I'm really not sure how they got there (so it would be the default folder to delete the delete the duplicate). I use tags and not folders for searching.
    - whitelisted folders which should not count - I have an addon called "time capsule" which uses bookmarks to remind me that pages exist periodically. Its bookmarks are not duplicates per se.
    - The preferences are not a button on the main page.
    - I assume you've never actually used your program on a normal user's setup or have OCD. After about fifty deletions one-by-one, even after turning off the confirmations, it gets old. I have less than one percent duplicates but it's too slow to actually use your addon.
  • Hello,
    I am French.
    I am using Firefox Quantum v61.0 (64 bit) under Windows 10 64 bit Family v1803.
    I have tested and apreciated your existing Bookmaks Organizer extension in French. He helped me sort through my 1096 bookmarks.
    I would like to suggest an option: A button to show / hide the contents of the complete tree of Firefox bookmarks.
    Indeed, when I reinstall Firefox or I install the update, the side pane of the bookmarks only displays the folders, and you have to open them manually to display the contents.
    It's tedious.
    Thank you.
  • It's OK. It finds the errant book marks but all that that can be done is delete them manually one by one. Life's too short ;)
  • Hi, am perfectly willing to change my rating - but as of right now = I get zero results. I had it run one week ago for a full day. It simply showed "0" on everything.
    I have 124792 bookmarks [well, am online since 1993 :)]
    So, it is virtually impossible that there is none broken, or double etc. I know for a fact that I have at least over 20 thousand doubles, because of a inadvertent new import after Xmars closed.
    That was my reason for installing your extension, hoping to clean first before I use bookmarks also with my FVD account I have for speed dials.

    Yes, of course I can do a manual check and clean with the library, but this would be silly if a extension like yours exist.
    I have:
    Firefox quantum 60.0.2
    Your extension version: 2.0.1
    I read over every comment here without being able to determine anything to solve my problem.
    Hoping you will respond to the low star mark - and maybe there is an explanation for zero results.

    I also tried it on my laptop, that is not synced to anything. The only identical setup is the old Xmarks bookmark folder structure.
    I always kept the Xmarks clean on all my cpu's [had used them from their initiation date].
    I should be able to get at least some number of duplicates from your extension.
    Tests I did following last weeks zero result after an entire day run: Tried also with a new mozilla profile,
    but still get no results.
    I see that others here have no problem, so I need to find out what and why I get no results.
    Kind regards,
    Ps: ich spreche auch Deutsch, sollte das fuer sie einfacher sein.
  • Nice, helpful FF Addon although it routinely marks a Folder of my Firefox 60 Addons as "All Broken". They All work perfectly. Addon/Save temporarily Removes Red Dot but Next Scan produces same, Incorrect Broken tag.
    Manual Deletes a Must as Other Broken Errors exist that may Delete Desired Bookmarks.

    All below Work - Show Broken ---
    Examples: (uBlock Origin) https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/?src=userprofile
    (ByPass Paywalls Addon): https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/anonymous-73cab9766f91fbcf6e3341c17014380e/
    (Text Multi-Copy Addon) https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/text-multicopy/?src=ss

    Shows Always as Broken. It works as all others do.
  • Hat alles was ich brauche. UND ist gratis! Danke an den Programmierer
  • Overall it looks good and useful, however:

    1) It doesn't explain why some bookmarks give an error
    2) It returns as "errors" perfectly working bookmarks.
    E.g. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/?src=search - It works fine but it's flagged as error
    3) It should allow correcting multiple warnings/errors
    4) Bookmarks paths are incomplete. This is very bad when trying to eliminate duplicates.

    EDIT: that's it. After a couple of interactions it stopped working (I click check and nothing happens. Tried to close and reopen the tab, but it didn't solve. I'm going to uninstall it.
  • Another killer browser add on!
  • Works well, no duplicates or broken bookmarks anymore!
  • I can't figure how to use it. I had it search for "ERRORS". It found several, identified by a red dot in the HTML file it created, but my version does not have the delete all broken bookmarks thing to click on. Deleting them manually
    would take a long time, but that does not work. I delete them in the HTML file, but they are still in my FireFox bookmarks.

    It found about 5000 "Warnings" but I don't know what it is trying to warn me about.

    I see in other review answers that I should be using version 2.0. How can I tell which version it is?

    OK, now I can see it is version 2.0.1 by looking at the addons manager in firefox.
    Is there a better way for me to reply other than editing my original comment?

    I still cannot see a delete anything link. I took a screen capture. How can I sent it to you?

    The Icon at the upper right says Hey. looks like there is a lot of cleanup to do, but does not show how to do that.
    There was NEVER a version without a link to remove all broken bookmarks so it's not possible at all that you don't have this feature.

    For warnings you can see the original URL and the corrected URL, so I don't know what is not clear for you.

    You can see in the add-on manager which version is installed.

    Please don't give bad reviews only because you don't understand the user interface. You can ask questions on GitHub. But this add-on is working and giving bad reviews for working add-ons is really NOT okay…
  • One of the best bookmark organizers.
  • Do its job and simple to use.
  • Working well on a large collection of bookmarks. I wish there would be a way to disable the confirmation dialog for each delete.
  • sorry, but yes i really think this is useless unless you can actually delete all those duplicates! like i said, i don't need the add-on to laboriously go through my own bookmarks and spend way too much time deleting them one by one. please add this essential aspect, then i'd be happy to change it from one start to five!
  • I had a similar experience as Loquacious1 and Anonymous user 436dc3. I installed Bookmarks Organizer and the first time I ran it, the three balls kept cycling. The second time I tried, it ran to completion. However, the check bookmarks remained greyed out and it was unresponsive.
    I uninstalled the Add-on. I downloaded the Add-on again. I reinstalled. It runs fine.
    Can't say that this was the first time that a reinstall cleared up the problem. Been around since the NCR 300 series...
  • Didn't try to work. Selected an option to check duplicates, broken links or missing titles and the button to start remained grayed out on each one.

    Developer: You mean like this other review you were quick to discredit and call fake that says the same thing I just did? You seem to not accept that your add on doesn't work for everyone and blame the user! This is a sign of developer arrogance. Your app is worthless if it doesn't work and it does NOT.

    "I've installed it and I have a screen with a little box with 3 options of analysing bookmarks.

    There are three balls rippling back and fore from small to large which I presume is telling me summat's happening, but - nothing's happening.

    Half an hour now and Zero Bookmarks in the box on the screen.

    Am I missing something ?

    There IS also a box in which the words "Check bookmarks" appears. It is greyed out and cannot be selected."
    Since the release of Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 there were zero reports that it doesn't work. Please make sure that you have version 2.0 installed and test again…
  • Thank you for the four stars. Please add a comment what is missing for you. A no-5/5 rating does not make much sense if you don't tell the developer why you are not fully happy. The feedback is important to improve the add-on. Thank you. ;-)