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  • Deleting even a single bookmark is a nightmare, each one deletion needs at least four clicks.
  • Удаляет дубли, проверяет актуальность закладок.
    Весьма удобно.
    Выглядит симпатично и не топорно.
  • This is an amazing pulgin which has fixed my browser's bookmark bug.
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  • There´s a lot of false positives. When the list is finished, you must start checking one by one to see if its really a deleted link or not. It needs lot of working.
  • Would be even better if there was options to select multiple duplicate webpages. To help save you time manually deleting them all.
  • Easy to use and intuitive. Not found any errors. (October, 2018)
  • It was only supposed to clean out the broken links (as that was all I selected) and it ended up removing ALL my Facebook bookmark links. So I am removing this. I seriously wish I had been as smart as reviewer of this addon Scott750 who did not let it delete but checked the bookmarks it wanted to delete first only to realize that the ones that were supposedly dead bookmarks actually were not. I wish I would have read Scott750's review before u sing this addon. I sincerely regret using this extension.
  • WTF is this useless crap? Only identifies - you must still go through and individually delete dupes. You can merely do that in FF's poorly designed bookmark manager and waste as much time without some bum tracking you online.